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  1. OriginalPhoenix

    Well, This Sukhois (May 2, 2006)

    I haven't been involved in much of anything Aces-related for a couple of years now -- real world kind of steals the thunder of fantasy universes and game playing. Heck, I haven't even touched anything WC-related other than a daily visit to wcnews for as long as I can remember. The AceNet...
  2. OriginalPhoenix

    Well, This Sukhois (May 2, 2006)

    You are correct. The cone is indeed a radome for the MiG-21's small air-to-air system. However, the radome moves forward and back to vary the airflow into the aircraft's engine, depending upon what is necessary for the specified speed. Nevertheless, the cone itself is not shaped like a MiG-21...
  3. OriginalPhoenix

    WC4 question

    Precisely. According to the novel, the idea was that the fighters would escort themselves to the last asteroid depot, with full fighter load-outs in order to combat if necessary. Once at the depot, two Excals would load T-bombs, and each would have a dedicated escort fighter. However, with...
  4. OriginalPhoenix

    WC4 question

    Oh, well, okay. Knew I heard it somewhere. :) Still a very nice craft to fly. Shame it didn't hang around longer in the later games.
  5. OriginalPhoenix

    WC4 question

    If memory serves, didn't the Bearcat employ a new type of ion engine, which proved to be unreliable (similar story as with the Morningstar project)? I don't have the novel here to confirm, but I seem to recall something of that nature. All I know, is that the Bearcat was fast, agile, and...
  6. OriginalPhoenix

    Goodbye, Origin (February 24, 2004)

    For some reason... ...I hear the gentle playing of taps.
  7. OriginalPhoenix

    How many fighters does the Vesuvius class carry?

    Do we REALLY need to go into THIS again...?
  8. OriginalPhoenix

    WC Universe's Controversial Plot Holes, Discrepacies, Continuity Problems, etc

    Maybe the onboard heater was broken, and he doesn't respond well to cold... :)
  9. OriginalPhoenix

    Who's hottest?

    Was and is again. She was one of the biggest starlets of the early 80's, and made her return in '99. Did a fair amount of "legit" acting work in between.
  10. OriginalPhoenix

    Could Tolwyn Be Compaired to Hitler?

    Hitler was far from a genius when it came to military matters.
  11. OriginalPhoenix

    Classification of TCS Eisen
  12. OriginalPhoenix

    Classification of TCS Eisen

    Except that "God, himself" in this case had absolutely nothing to do with WCP, and therefore wouldn't know. :)
  13. OriginalPhoenix

    Classification of TCS Eisen

    Or maybe you should have specified, rather than just saying "Catapult technology". :)
  14. OriginalPhoenix

    Classification of TCS Eisen

    Just for the record, catapults were introduced well before 1951. All of the major US carrier classes of WWII had and used catapults. The ESSEX-class carriers, the most prominent and successful class of warship ever built, had three (two on the flight deck and one straight out of the hangar deck...
  15. OriginalPhoenix

    Classification of TCS Eisen about the USS RONALD REAGAN, already christened and in final stages of construction at Newport News SHipyards, Virginia, USA? CV-40, though her specs heavily imply that she is in fact a light carrier, CVL.
  16. OriginalPhoenix

    Classification of TCS Eisen

    Except for one very big hole in that argument -- it is known (through various documentation and from within Prophecy) that Confed is placing all of its current construction efforts into the MIDWAY-class. It is very doubtful that they are developing any other new carrier types. Given that the...
  17. OriginalPhoenix

    Blair's change of heart . . .

    Re: Jeep Carriers vs Fleet Carriers Dunno where you got the idea that it takes 10 torps to down a heavy carrier during WWII. Totally inaccurate. In fact, none of the carriers sunk in WWII required so much ordance. Here are some examples: USS LEXINGTON, CV-2: 2 torpedo, 2 bomb USS YORKTOWN...
  18. OriginalPhoenix

    WC2 and WC3 ships

    Lucas and producer Rick McCallum have both stated that the original SW movies will be released on DVD once the prequel trilogy is complete. They say that they haven't the time to locate, weed through, and composite the extra stuff they have from ANH, ESB, and ROTJ. And apparently, they don't...
  19. OriginalPhoenix

    Blair's change of heart . . .

    The WCP ICIS manual clearly states that the MIDWAY-class carries 252 fighters in three Wings. I believe the 400 figure for the VESUVIUS-class comes from the WCIV novel.