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  1. Dragon1

    Tallahassee-Class Cruiser

    I just came across this image on Deviant Art. Kudos to CountvonSchnaps for this amazing illustration!
  2. Dragon1

    [2020-02] Some novel character portraits

    This is an absolutely stately looking Melek! It's kind of funny that I always think of Melek as groveling. Melek here looks like he could pull together a fragmented feudal empire, kind of like King Richard in the animated Disney Robin Hood.
  3. Dragon1

    Intrepid's role at the end of WC4

    I'd love to collaborate on something down the line if you ever decide to revive an RPG or strategy game. There's so much room in the timeline to explore. It'd be really cool to do something focused on the adventures of Shotglass or Col. Halcyon in the 40s.
  4. Dragon1

    Intrepid's role at the end of WC4

    Ughhh . . . yeah that was me some years ago. If we're really looking for non-canonical carriers, I kind of like the 850 meter Polaris-class Carrier that shows up in the Prophecy development material. The specs for that ship just feel right for the immediate post-WC2/3 era, especially with the...
  5. Dragon1

    Intrepid's role at the end of WC4

    LOAF, does the rush and drain on resources explain (or help explain) why some of the capship textures appear to be unfinished or broken? There's one side of the Lex that always seems to bug out when I fly towards the ship at a certain angle. Some of the turrets also appear to pop in and out of...
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    Intrepid's role at the end of WC4

    When I was 15, Wing Commander IV was the best game I had ever played. The FMV was, and still is, the best of any game from that era. The space combat is exhilarating even today. Dogfights are fast paced and dangerous, unlike the plodding battles and clunky mechanics of other space sims then and...
  7. Dragon1

    Intrepid's role at the end of WC4

    In addition, Confed seems to like to use destroyers as fighter training ships anyways. Blair (and/or LaFong) first experienced combat while flying as cadets off the destroyer TCS Formidable. Perhaps Confed reacquired the Intrepid after the Border Worlds crisis and simply decided to keep it as a...
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    WC3 Uniforms

    That's too bad. I always liked the khakis!
  9. Dragon1

    WC3 Uniforms

    We know from Wing Commander Academy (cartoon) that Tolwyn wore his WC4 naval uniform in 2654. From that we can deduce that most of the uniforms we have seen are just different variations of the standard duty uniform of the 27th century, kind of like how US Navy khakis were worn pre-World War II...
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    Mystery of Vesuvius' Guns Solved (December 14, 2021)

    That definitely makes sense for the WC3 capships. The yellow bursts hit hard in WC3 but they don't seem to act like WC2 AMGs, especially since they impact against Kilrathi phase shields rather than phase-transit them. Given that the escorts seem like older ships -- older than WC2 capships...
  11. Dragon1

    I won WC4 on Nightmare difficulty

    You beat the missiles on nightmare! My hat's off to you!!!
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    Mystery of Vesuvius' Guns Solved (December 14, 2021)

    Hi Loaf! Thanks for the great update. Was there a particular document you guys found or was this something in the actual code of the game? Are there any other revealing tidbits? You've previously mentioned that the team wanted to nerf the Confed (enemy) capships for WC4. Was there any other...
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    TCS Concordia (from movie)

    Wow!!! Do you have any other pics of this model? This is incredible.
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    A Later, Better Hope for Peace (November 8, 2019)

    Oh this just made my day!
  15. Dragon1

    Happy Birthday CIC! (August 10, 2018)

    Happy birthday, CIC! Thanks for always being there.
  16. Dragon1

    A Modest Proposal: Saving Mr. LaFong (April 1, 2017)

    This is a very compelling argument for why we should consider LaFong as the player character in WC1!
  17. Dragon1

    Tom Wilson Performing In Irvine Sunday (August 5, 2016)

    The Maniac was on his A-Game last night. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Thanks again!
  18. Dragon1

    Tom Wilson Performing In Irvine Sunday (August 5, 2016)

    I just scored two free tickets! Thanks, guys!!!
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    Catscratch and Vagabond

    The novel surprised me in a couple of ways. For one, prior to his defection, Blair came off as a pretty weak character. From his assignment as the Lexington's wing commander, Blair seemed to play only a minor role in flight operations. Eisen had full authority over missions. In fact, Blair did...