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  1. RogueBanshee

    Battlestar Galactica Deadlock - Preview

    I like it a lot but I wish my helmsmen were smart enough to not crash into friendly ships. I swear that friendly collisions have cost men as many ships as enemy fire.
  2. RogueBanshee

    Star Hammer the Vanguard

    I'm pretty sure this is a sequel to the 2010 Starhammer Tactics. The colony Humanity has emigrated to has the same name, the same hostile alien race appears, and it mentions your character being the child of a hero from an earlier war between them and humans.
  3. RogueBanshee

    Arena series references

    I like this though Lafong would defintely have a comeback story of his own to be counted as one of the great aces of the war. It just hasn't been told yet.
  4. RogueBanshee

    Starpoint Gemini 2 Warlords release tomorrow

    I like the original but I found out the hard way that my computer can't handle 2 after I bought it.
  5. RogueBanshee

    TCS Concordia (from movie)

    I'm pretty sure Confed had Hopper Drives. At least they did during the Kilrathi War because didn't the main character of Privateer use a Hopper drive on part of his journey to the game's starting point? The way I understand it the original Treaty with the Pilgrims didn't prevent Confed from...
  6. RogueBanshee

    The origin of the Talon?

    I know but the F-44s were entering service in the WC1 and they were up to 110 by Prophecy. While I'm sure there were many of those numbers either not used or used for craft that never hit full production there is still room for a lot of designs there. And we only saw the compliments of a few...
  7. RogueBanshee

    Then this happened...

    I like both Star Trek and Star Wars but I don't like when one becomes more like the other then itself. (It has happened a few times in the novels and comics of both franchises and now again in the Abrams Trek films) Also I don't like how Abrams Kirk takes the Mass Effect Command style and...
  8. RogueBanshee

    Star wars Rebels Review/Recap thread (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

    Kanan. He's clearly in the mentor role and we all know that in Star Wars if any main character dies the mentor is the first to go. QuiGon in the PT, ObiWan in the OT and we all know who in TFA need I say more?
  9. RogueBanshee

    Hey guys, please try my game: Stellar Wanderer

    It looks interesting. I-pad and I-phone only?
  10. RogueBanshee

    Star wars Rebels Review/Recap thread (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

    My main complaint about Thrawn was when they really went overboard with him near the end of the Legends period and made it seem like the pre-Endor GCW Imperial military couldn't do anything right without him being involved somehow. By the end the early campaigns of Death Squadron were based on...
  11. RogueBanshee

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars movie thread... [Don't read this thread if you haven't seen the movie yet]

    I like the movie but think they let the fighter designers get away with far too little. Even ANH had better fighter variety then TFA. And if the rumors of a planned but cut fleet battle sequence are true I despise whoever cut it with a passion.
  12. RogueBanshee

    The origin of the Talon?

    I always wondered if it was a locally produced craft intended for local defense forces that were desperate for fighters as the big fighter production centers starting sending all their new ships to the main battlezones. Ditto for the UBW fighters from the fourth game. I wonder just how many...
  13. RogueBanshee

    Wing Commander III and IV CapShip Weapons

    Hmm I wonder why they removed the Antimatter guns from every IV class except the Supercarriers which actually have more Antimatter guns, though fewer guns overall, then the Dreadnoughts from III?
  14. RogueBanshee

    Wing commander novels?

    Mostly. Action Station is basically a giant flashback. The flashback itself occurs after The Price of Freedom but the events being flash-backed too occurred at during the buildup to and first major battle of the Kilrathi War.
  15. RogueBanshee

    Long time visitor first time poster

    Well first there are actually 3 different ships named TCS Concordia in the books plus the Concordia class Fleet Carriers. In Action Stations the TCS Concordia which was the prototype for the Concordia class plays a major role. The movie novelization and novels tied to the movies have a second...
  16. RogueBanshee

    Anyone excited for the new Star Wars Battlefront?

    Not at all. No space combat and no single player campaign equals an utterly uninterested RogueBanshee though I could forgive the lack of space combat if the franchise had some space combat games coming soon. Why and how did the game designers ge the idea that the franchise was named Ground Wars...
  17. RogueBanshee

    Classic Star Trek Adventure on GOG

    I bought them all off hoping to encourage them to release more, No luck yet though.
  18. RogueBanshee

    Low interest in Text-Based Roleplay

    I'll oin of course. Sorry been in and out of the hospital a lot lately.
  19. RogueBanshee

    wc4 discussion while doing a playrhrough

    The novelization talks about it. The conspiracy arranged for Eisen being assigned to command Lexington before trying to recruit him. After the recruitment failed they needed someone to replace him because it was vital that Lexington be captained by one of their allies. They had assumed from his...
  20. RogueBanshee

    Low interest in Text-Based Roleplay

    No Wing Commander ones that I know of ae still up :(