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  1. Marc

    Merry Xmas Wingnuts!

    A very heartfelt merry Christmas to all you Wingnuts out there!
  2. Marc

    Merry Xmas Wingnuts!

    Woa! 7h30 am! missed the midnight mark it this year. Merry Xmas Wingnuts!!! love the artwork that came out from us fans this year. Great community, great site, awsome time. The rookie got tired of clipping his antlers every season, so...
  3. Marc

    Merry Xmas Wingnuts!

    The best gift we could ever hope to have is time with eachother. That's advice I intend to follow myself during the holidays. ...'course, a new game never hurts... Merry Xmas Wingnuts!
  4. Marc

    BREAKING NEWS: Chris' Clock Counts Cloudward (September 9, 2012)

    The crafts in the first pic have fan turbines... not getting the "space feel" from them. The letter from M.Robert has the final sentence as: "And if you would indulge me I would like to create a world for you." ...not worlds plural, but a single one. Doesn't go the same way as it used to...
  5. Marc

    BREAKING NEWS: Chris' Clock Counts Cloudward (September 9, 2012)

    after flying through Cybertron and it's vast cities, I wonder if the concept can be carried over to this genre: instead of space separating ports, a couple of dozen mega-sized city blocks... just musing.
  6. Marc

    Neat Carrier

    Right out of the Avengers movie spot: A little more excited to see the film 'cause of that.
  7. Marc

    LOAF Fixes an Amiga (or: ¡Hola Amigas!)

    what's that feeling called when someone is beyond jealous?
  8. Marc

    My Wing Commander 1 Models

    The Gilgamesh style engine intake on the stern is a sweet idea. Never dawn on me to try it. I like it. Could maybe tighten up the black box around them, so as to not use up as much space. And did you try varying the size of the red intake spheres? Making the innermost one the biggest and the...
  9. Marc

    Hornets Commemorate Fallen Pilots (February 12, 2012)

    ...ok. I have yet ANOTHER desktop background image out of this. this keeps up, and I'll have to work out a rotation schedule for these. first world problems and all that.
  10. Marc

    "The ?sport jumped right on schedule. You covered her well." (February 6, 2012)

    I got myself a new desktop image out of this. much obliged. I like the use of the Exeder model.
  11. Marc

    "And the last Kilrathi planet in the sector falls!" (February 2, 2012)

    this is what I like! yes please. can you imagine a WC1 comic strip done this way?
  12. Marc

    From the Beginning, You Know the End... (January 31, 2012)

    hands down WC4. those choice of dialogue during the climax really made me feel like I earned my victory inside and outside the cockpit.
  13. Marc

    Just Crusin' Along... (January 16, 2012)

    Good stuff Bob. Good stuff.
  14. Marc

    LOAF Fixes a PC (or: the Story of Karga the Hero)

    good Lord, man. That's the setup I wanted growing up. Next thing you'll tell us you found a WWII fighter plane seat.
  15. Marc

    Merry Xmas WingNuts!!

    As always, the very best to to you and yours in this joyful time of year! Merry Xmas, Wingnuts!! Santa loves his cookies, with milk missiles! 1440x900
  16. Marc

    'Tis the season

    *bump* and link
  17. Marc

    The CIC Recognizes The Wingnut Veterans Of All Nations (November 11, 2011)

    My everlasting gratitude to the service men and women and all that have come before them.
  18. Marc

    WC vs History: I'll have the Samar with an order of Surigao on the side... (October 25, 2011)

    I heard about the battle before but this is the first time I read trough it in a comprehensive way. nice.
  19. Marc

    WC vs History: Leyte Gulf, Are You Sirius? (October 24, 2011)

    I second that opinion!