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    Favorite Wingman?

    I like Seether too. He was evil. Cold. And he worked for Tolwyn, who I also thought was cool. Yaeger and Seether. I liked Yaeger's "Time to party!" and Seether's "Stop bothering me.". I was tired of everyone worshiping me as the Heart of the Tiger.
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    Most shocking WC moment

    When Vagabond died I was just shocked. Not cool!
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    What happens to the cat daddy?

    Mjollnir Mih-Joll-Nir FRS Mjollnir, after Thor's Hammer. I loved that book, it gave Tolwyn a lot of backstory. Gave him a 'good guy' image I didn't like though. Tolwyn's supposed to be EVIL.
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    Favorite Wingman?

    WC4, did anyone ever use the NPC Wingman Yaeger? A VERY good UBW pilot. He did very well. Had good com messages, and I actually had to compete for kills. Which was entertaining.