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    High Res = Small Screen

    The screen shots are small because they are at the same resolution as those of the original game. The best way to get higher resolution screen shots is to help model some new ones, though admittedly its probably not the fastest way. Zergnerd
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    Thrustmaster Fox 2 Pro POV Hat

    Re: How do I use Thrustmaster Utility Got a private message asking how to set up the hat: 1) Install thrustmaster utility 2) plug in joystick 3) run thrustmaster; a box titled "preset properties" comes up 4) Select "flight simulators" for gaming profile; select vegastrike.exe from priv...
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    RF - Meterson wont talk

    In my case I ran one of Masterson's missions and found Tayla at the cargo run destination. I accepted a mission by her, got killed by the demons and now Masterson ignores me even though I completed his mission.
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    You know you're a privateer when...

    You look for the photon cannon switch on your steering wheel when some jerk cuts you off in traffic. You accidently call your girlfriend / wife Tayla -- or ask her how much Brilliance she wants when she asks you to make a run to the store
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    2 bugs

    Here's a pair o' bugs I found playing 1.0 tonight. 1) If my ship shows 0 space left in the upgrade section, I can't buy a space-requiring item (like guns). I have have to first sell a space-requiring item (like my ECM), buy the guns and then rebuy the item I sold. 2) Ok, perhaps not a bug...
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    new detroit model

    I don't yet know the tri count, but have submitted to the blender forum asking how to do this. No it is not yet UV mapped since I still need to learn how to do this. :P I would like to see a good reference shot since it was difficult to make out a few of the details from the screen capture I...
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    new detroit model

    I finally got the chance to download 1.0. Looks nice. Especially the new cockpits. I modeled the landing pad for New Detroit this weekend in an attempt to better my Blender skills--no texturing. (yeah I'm a Blender guy instead of a Wings guy ;)) I've exported it to dxf format here. Delete...
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    Thrustmaster Fox 2 Pro POV Hat

    Re: Thrustmaster problems I use that joystick with Privateer and have not had any problems with the hat switch. You'll need to download the Thrustmaster programming software v4.02 from Thrustmaster's website. Use this software to assign the hat switch to whatever keyboard keys or key...
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    New sounds. See if you like them

    So far they're just for your listening pleasure. If people like them, I can upload them in whatever format Vegastrike likes. You should be able to listen to them in any software that plays mp3 files (eg Windows Media Player) once you have unzipped them. You'll need to change the extension...
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    New sounds. See if you like them

    I mentioned in another thread ("What does Privateer 1.0 need?", I think) that cool explosions and associated sounds would be nice in Privateer. So I downloaded a freeware sound effects generator ( and made some explosions. I zipped up the decent...
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    What does Privateer 1.0 need?

    You know, it would be nice to be able to toggle auto tracking on/off. [shift]+t perhaps? Hmm, now that I'm thinking about it. Really cool explosions, sounds (other than tink, tink for hitting armor and donk, donk for hitting shields) and a music track would add greatly to Privateer. It...
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    Cargo Pricing done

    Hmm, I wonder how the Kilrathi would react to me trying to sell them some kitties?
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    A few bugs and other issues I've found while playing

    Ok, the drone can be killed in the ambush by leading it away from the confeds since it's faster than their ships. They still want to kill me after they give me their medal of honor, though. Bit ironic. The drone's AI seems alot less difficult than I remember. It mostly loops out and back...
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    Encountered the new drone models yet?

    Yeah, the steltek drone and fighter look great on my NVidia GForce2 card. There are other industrial planets in Kilrathi space (one in Khartzu, if I remember right), if you can find your way out of the Gemini sector. I'm still trying to figure out how to get to Kilrah and pick up a decent...
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    A few bugs and other issues I've found while playing

    Yeah, I know where is office is. I was trying to remember how to get in contact with Commander Goodin, so I could actually get into the office rather than just get stopped. I finally found her. Anyway I did manage to destroy the drone just before I found her (using about 90-100 photon torpedos...
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    A few bugs and other issues I've found while playing

    I've engaged it, but I haven't killed it yet. (Actually, I don't think I've even hurt it.) I'm sitting at Perry Naval Station trying to remember where I go to be pointed in the direction of Admiral Terrel's office. Zergnerd
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    A few bugs and other issues I've found while playing

    I've just picked up the steltek gun and figured I'd mention a few bugs / issues I've noticed so far. The steltek drone first appears while I'm still en route to the derelict space craft rather than after I get the gun. I bought a cloaking device before going to Rygannon. It made the...