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    Wing Commander Mentioned by AVGN

    You didn't catch on that I was being serious at all did you?
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    Wing Commander Mentioned by AVGN

    I'm not being sarcastic, you're just being stupid. Might wanna get that shark-jumper of yours looked at. "Some of them are pretty impressive for it's time, like Wing Commander III. It features big name actors, like Malcolm McDowell, and Mark Hamill." A quote from 3:29 in to the video. And...
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    Wing Commander Mentioned by AVGN

    The wierd part I find about all of this is your insistence that he's doing a serious review. The bit he talks about Wing Commander... It's in a positive light yet you all know no dignity and STILL question his status as a "legitimate entertainer" when his site, which you clearly didn't check...
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    Wing Commander Mentioned by AVGN

    When you see these types of shows, you can't inherently take them as full-on serious criticisms of the product, as they're omitting some accuracies for the sake of entertainment. What he's playing at is the nostalgic factor behind them, if the game was infamously difficult, expect to hear about...
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    Gamer Discrimination by Media

    They'll always blame video games first. Even if it's no better than, say, blaming CD burners for ruining mix tapes. Or blaming loss of profit on digital distribution. Or blaming Nintendo solely for casual gamers entering the fold of console gaming. Just citing a bunch of random examples that...
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    Wing Commander in the modern age

    This is something I've wanted to ask especially since this article was posted. What would need to be changed about the game to make it appealing for more than just existing WC fans?
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    Wing Commander Movie in Kotaku.

    For my thoughts on this thread in general I'll just quote TvTropes on this one. "You don't get credit for stuff you don't put in the movie because, now try to follow this because it's a pretty big leap, you didn't put it in the movie. I shouldn't have to wait months and watch all your deleted...
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    Star Raiders Remake Coming Soon

    Though, technically speaking, I haven't seen online play in a game that has the same visual perspective as Colony Wars since CSiS. Al that really matters is the execution of these ideas, even if they aren't the most original.
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    Star Raiders Remake Coming Soon

    An actual space shooter in 2011? From what I can see, this looks like it'll evoke memories of Colony Wars more than it will Wing Commander. Though this game has a serious hurdle it needs to clear if it's to be a successful venture: The name "Star Raiders" doesn't really have any impact...
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    New Wing Commander Game?

    If the next WC game were a sequel, then it'd only be proper to have a sequel to Wing Commander: Arena. You could create a new cast of characters for the hero group and still have existing tech to work with. If anything, the modified craft could even give us a choice in building our own ships...
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    Problems? Post them here...

    Only bug I've encountered so far is that the Salthi shows up in the 2nd Simulator mission where you're fighting Confed fighters. Isn't the Salthi a Kilrathi ship? Other than that, it's as pathetic as I remember it in WC1 :)
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    Homing Asteroids that always show up in the center of your crosshair. They always seem to just dash at you when you fly at full throttle. A tip for that is to fly at a slower throttle so the asteroids don't come up as fast. Oddly enough, even if you come to a stop from, say, 1/4th speed, the...
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    WC1/2 clone (NOT remake) proposal

    Nicely done. Oh, do you plan on using the tool to convert all of the ship graphics? I've wanted to do something in Flash using the Wing Commander graphics, but the only WC1 graphic viewer I know of has color issues. Is it possible you could export them to a recognizable format that supports...
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    Wing Commander SNES-ish renderings of other Wing Commander games' music

    After ripping the raw instruments and sound effects from Wing Commander's SNES port, I decided to reconstruct them using loop points and see how other Wing Commander games' music might have sounded with the SNES' instrumentation. Wing Commander III - Strike Mission BGM Wing Commander III -...
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    Worst game ever played?

    Hmm... I'll mention 2, not just 1. Crysis (PC). What was wrong with Crysis? The fact that it was a graphics whore and was designed that way without many levels of optimization, making it a 'standard' or ego-stroking based on how fast you can run the game. Doesn't help that the graphical...
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    Underperforming XBLA titles to be delisted

    I just want to ask: Are you saying that there should be no confirmed list of titles to be removed from X-Box Live Arcade?
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    Underperforming XBLA titles to be delisted

    It seems you forgot what the criteria for removing a game is: - 6 Months old - Metacritic score below 65 - Conversion rate below 6% on the service. No exceptions for franchise or major companies mentioned anywhere in Microsoft's statement.
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    Underperforming XBLA titles to be delisted

    So it's not a Public thing. Yeah, it's really nice to not know if Wing Commander Arena's in danger of being pulled. Do you really care that little? And we don't even know if we'll still be able to play the titles if they're pulled from X-Box Live Arcade. The entire point of Wing...
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    Underperforming XBLA titles to be delisted

    One thing I'm wondering about is how to check conversion rates. EVen though I wasn't very incredibly amazed by Wing Commander Arena, I don't think that it should go the way Secret Ops effectively did.
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    Favorite Kilrathi Fighters

    Darket, Krant, Gratha, Dralthi, and Dralthi IV are my favorite Kilrathi fighters. Gratha in particular.