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    Well if you want to see CG animated variable fighters, go pick up Macross Zero. It is very new (actually still being done). Episodes 1 through 3 are out already with 4 and 5 still coming. It takes place before the original series. I have to say the animation is top notch and the CG battle...
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    New ingame shots of new models and textures

    I also share your sentiment on Harmony Gold, but this is a Macross DYRL mod so Harmony Gold can't touch it. They only have the rights to the TV series.
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    Valkyrie Model Mania

    Yeah, your right about the VAB-2 and VB-3, they really don't share much in terms of looks. When I posted I wasn't too sure what the VAB-2 even looked like (forgot that is what the FBz-99 was based on).
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    Valkyrie Model Mania

    that last post was mine...browser logged me out for some reason.....
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    Valkyrie Model Mania

    VA-3's where around since then? I thought they were somewhat newer...
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    Macross Teaser Treat!!!!!!!!!

    Those cutscenes are from the game Macross VO.
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    Questions About the mod

    I just watched the teaser vids and saw some of the game play. I am wondering if you are going to change the HUD or are you keeping the same as the wing commander one? Another thing is that no ships in Macross had shields (well at least in the time period your putting your game in) except the...
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    Valkyrie Model Mania

    Since this is taking place during DYRL and 2012, the next fighter really should be the VF-4... Although you probably could do the VF-0, cuz that was around before DYRL. But if there aren't any missions in an atmosphere you probably could leave it out (having conventional engines and all).
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    Screen Shot thread

    That's a nice looking Glaug (or pair of them), and that picture of the Nousjadeul-Ger power armor you've got looks pretty decent.