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    wing commander secret ops

    does anyone know where i can get a copy of secret ops? (did have it on cd, but cd get trashed during a house move)
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    Pet Science-Fiction Game Project

    sweet idea, Concordia... If possible, I would love to help... But, there's a few things i would like to ask: FTL rader? by this do you mean a rader than can detected objects travelling faster than light, ie a ship about to jump into the system? or a radar that uses a frequency that...
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    Maniac killed Robin!

    Malcolm Mcdowell is also known for his part in the infamous A Clockwork Orange...
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    Which PC game are you most looking forward to?

    Tryed it last night, it played so well!! can't wait to play the whole game!! For the Brits among us, you can pick it up with this month's PC Gamer!! Also, saw the vidoes for SWG, JK3, Fire Warrior and of course Half-Life 2!! can't wait to get my hands on the full games!!
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    Matrix Reloaded (some spoilers of course)

    Also, the brothers tryed to make the sets (in the Matrix) have a green tint, with a griddy feel... ie the scene with Neo and Smith in the first movie.
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    Matrix Reloaded (some spoilers of course)

    The Matrix - Reloaded... better than the first? quite possibly!! This movie kicks donkey (think of another word that means donkey) !! If you listen to Links conversation with his wife, Zee (Tank's sister), she says that she has lost two brothers already to that ship (half a polo to the...
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    What Ships will appear in Prologue

    what you all seem to be forgetting this that for every one of us, "greeky/nerdy" guys (as some might see us as) there is a "greeky/nerdy" girl... and at the end of the day do you want to be with a "slut", who you'll end up not trusting, or a girl who will love you for who you are? and...
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    Name the kitty

    did Ralgha actually explain this to Blair in the game? I've seen a "take-out" in which Blair goes to his locker, and watches a holo-vid from Ralgha that explains this, but don't remember it happening in the game, or any point where Blair rec'd it, or a package from Hobbes/Ralgha... also...
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    The Most Number of Kills

    wc4 = 179, plus 17 aces... not bad for a single night's playing wcp = 400, upto the "defang the beast" mission... haven't played in a long time, so can't remember the finished kills
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    Holocaust Remembrance Day

    may all those who died be remembered. *bowed heads, please*
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    Coolest Looking Spacecraft in WC

    humm... for me, the best looking fighter was the arrow, but then having only played wc3-P, my choice is limited...
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    The WC games that never were

    I'm going sound crazy here, but wasn't WCP meant to be the start of a new WC triogy (sp?). I'm sure that in one of the early review of WCP it said that it was going to be a new starting point, possibly for a war with the bugs...
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    Privateer 2: The Darkening -

    I'm running my sound through an intergrated system too, but have no problems... have you tryed all the options in setup? I have mine set to Soundblaster Pro for sound, and Soundblaster 16 for music (why it's different, i wish i knew, any ideas?)
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    Privateer 2: The Darkening -

    thanks, cff. Have tryed this, and have seen the setup screen for the first time:) And thanks to everyone who replyed.
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    Privateer 2: The Darkening -

    Just a quick question, I have a copy of Privateer 2: The Darkening (not the Delux version) and was wondering if anyone knows of any patches/files to get this to work with Windows 98?
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    Chris Reid?

    Manga, and others of the style have a major advantage over their Hollywood copies... they have original storylines... most of the stuff (movies included) coming out of Hollywood are either remakes (Ocean's 11 for example (yes, this was a great movies, but it was still a remake!))or the same...
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    Chris Reid?

    give me Manga anyday over Tom & Jerry for "real screen violence"... just wish we got the better videos over here...
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    And for some Humor...

    more often than not, the bombers are strongly religious, where heaven is a beautiful place, where there will be seven virgin brides, and their whole family will be there to greet them... (or something very close to that). some groups then use this to convice them that by killing themselves is...
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    The WC games that never were

    cool idea, as long as it won't use the Westwood Renegade engine... more bugs then an ants nest... and if someone like, say, Raven (JKII and Elite Forces) was able to the business... :)
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    Salutes and facial hair...

    The British air force (RAF) is the same as the Army