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    DosBox Help Needed: Crusader No Remorse and No Regret

    Well I used D-fend as it makes dosbox usage easier. I remember having problems with crusader too. I just copied the cd to a folder and mounted the cd to it, and it works. Hope it helps.
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    Light-speed space travelling possible!

    Wonderful news for the space exploration fans: :) Seems like a wc-type universe is not so far away. :cool:
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    Privateer Joystick Trick

    I used that trick in these missions many times. U have to wildly and quickly move your joystick in circles around the general direction u are heading to, while u are using the afterburners. Best for this trick is an old cheap joystick as the poor thing suffers a lot, and new ones simply don't...
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    Wild Goose Chase on Privateer

    heh, spent a lot of time looking for the secret weapons asteroid. I was friendly with the kilrathi (didn't kill any until the delta prime missions), so it wasn't a big problem travelling the kilrathi sectors. It was fun having friendly chats with the cats :p Sadly, no luck with that...
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    Prisoner of Azkaban

    Actually the founders of the Templars were of french origin, but the order expanded through all of Europe, even though the vast majority of castles were in France. Also they had some of the most powerful strongholds in the Holy Land, until they lost them. When they were destroyed by the French...
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    Prisoner of Azkaban

    I read Jan Guiliou`s trilogy and I loved it. I really like all the stuff about Templar Knights. Also, I had no idea about swedish history and with this book I found it quite interesting. The books are cool because all the battles that appear (aswell as some characters) really existed. My...
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    which game(beside WC) would you like to have a sequel?

    Hey, I agree with all of the above, but I think you forget one: Crusader: No Remorse/No Regret Man, I loved that game. I want to know what happens with my solo fight against the WEC. Not much chance it will ever happen, I guess. Zhakrin.
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    Iraq. Now what?

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by PrinceThrakhath Let the people vote and create a democratic government... and then leave them alone...
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    My Privateer Thread

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by hakkafusion i can't get myjemm to work with privateer... i get an "error code 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have this...
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    My Privateer Thread

    I see. So this means there's another secret jump point in the exit system, right? I don't remember this, but I've not played RF in a loooong time. Zhak.
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    My Privateer Thread

    I see... I think this deserves another Privateer game :) After all I spent weeks looking for the hidden weapons depot barmen kept talking about, even though it does not exist ;) Cya in a month! I'm going to be very busy with this! :D Zhak
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    My Privateer Thread

    Really? I thought Eden was the secret system. Was thereanother secret system?? Please someone answer, I'm beginning to feel the Privateer Fever running through my veins, that one that makes you go hunting secret asteroids, kilrathi arms caches etc, etc... STOP ME SOMEONE! :p Zhak.
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    Oxford & New Detroit Landing Platforms

    The last time I played Priv I used to pass the asteroid fields with afterburners, making wild circles around the destination point. Sometimes you crashed but if a couple of Gothris are after you it's useful . The guy who told me this trick said it was because of the fake 3d or 2.5D engine the...
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    My Privateer Thread

    :D I was killed loads of times in the jump animation, it could happen, it was no bug, the ships around you appeared in the animation. But something even stranger happened to me many times. Exploding just after the jump! I thought I had barely escaped death when just after appearing in the new...
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    My Privateer Thread

    It happened to me with a kilrathi Gothri. :) I thought I had escaped but... It's amazing how many weird things you could do in Privateer. I think that's why I love so much this game. Zhak.
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    Oxford & New Detroit Landing Platforms

    Just pay attention Viper61 that you can make several missions at the same time doing exactly the same. Usually there are a couple of patrols in the same system, or you can take 3 merchant missions to the same planet, etc. I think the maximum was 3 missions. If you get a patrol in the mercenaries...
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    I can't make it work. So far I only get the 'error code 2'. Anyone knows what that means? I'm using W98. Haven't tried it but could it be I've not installed the game in the default folder? I suppose it is not something so simple :) Thanks for your help. Zhak.
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    Yay more politics!

    Here in Spain we have the same system, PopsiclePete. We have lot's of taxes, about 40% of your earnings for a start, but we have free health, education, cheap university, you get some money when unemployed, pension...It work pretty well, with the normal flaws, but in my opinion this system has a...
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    Yay more politics!

    I agree with you Oggy, but only if I'm the boss :p
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    The Full Privateer Experience

    Sorry Wedge I forgot WC1/WC2 and Academy. I was refering more to Privateer-like games, including P2, but you're right. Zhak.