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  1. Eder

    Excellent job!

    Well, I know that I probably first started asking you questions about WC modding around nine years ago. :p
  2. Eder

    Sounds bite

    Most sounds, probably 90% of the game, are from WCP/SO, completely unmodified. A lot of these are just used in different situations than in the original game. In some more specific cases (like gun sounds, etc) they were taken from previous WC games, but most of these went through some manual...
  3. Eder

    Lord of Ultima Released! (April 20, 2010)

    This experiment is a lot more crazy than Arena, Armada, WC3, WCIV, Privateer, Secret Ops, or the Pilgrim stuff in the movie, though. It's not just a different genre, or a story where you need a few retcons to make sense of the big picture. They took the franchise, and decided to make a game in a...
  4. Eder

    What's up with the Krants? (AI)

    Yup, I think we have two canopies in Standoff as well.
  5. Eder

    Minelayer Comms Question

    Nobody was particularly supposed to be black or white or european or american or asian (I don't think we even had any asians?) except where it mattered for the choice of voice actors (Spoons is of german descent because we had a german actor, Popsicle is of french descent because we had a...
  6. Eder

    Confed ships - generally better than Kilrathi equivalents? *Screenshots*

    We mostly just went with the original ship stats (applying the same conversion factors to both Confed and Kilrathi ships when necessary). It's possible that Confed ships are superior in some of the less well documented stats which we couldn't get accurate measurements from in the WC2 files (off...
  7. Eder

    Standoff Patches for 2010

    The cockpit struts were modeled in 3dsmax 2009 and textured using Photoshop CS3.
  8. Eder

    Duke Nuke 'em reference in ep. 5?

    That should be our #1 priority for the Director's Cut version. :p But yeah, seriously, there's already a bunch of other random film noir references all over the game. Gotta be careful not to overdo it.
  9. Eder

    Bradshaw as a Major

    No, but the same could be said for just about the whole game. At the time we were also amazed we could have cutscenes at all, so we left it at that. Even if I were to make any of the game's textures higher res, I would certainly not start with the ones that only show up in the lower 1/3rd of a...
  10. Eder

    Duke Nuke 'em reference in ep. 5?

    Off the top of my head, I don't remember any Pulp Fiction references in Standoff. We have references to heaps of stuff though, so I could be missing something. Not a fan of Duke Nuke'em myself, so I don't think we have any references to that either.
  11. Eder

    Wraith use eliminates achievements?

    The Morningstar is basically a sturdier Sabre, the Wraith flies as fast as a light fighter and has the firepower of a heavy fighter.
  12. Eder

    Widescreen Field of View

    I'm glad we didn't listen to my requests to postpone the release until widescreen FOV was fixed - we'd still be waiting. :p Yeah, the reduced FOV sucks, but I'm sure Pete will figure it out eventually. He's done more complex hacks before...
  13. Eder

    Raptor guns modified to be more practical, may I share with others? Screenshots here

    Good, good, it's exciting to see new people modding SO. :)
  14. Eder

    What path is the most book-accurate?

    What Dund said - the losing paths in Ep3 and Ep4 will take you away from the battles that the book follows, but in Ep5 both the winning and losing paths stick fairly close to Fleet Action. So you'd have to play Ep3 winning, Ep4 winning, both Ep5's, and get the middle ending. :p
  15. Eder

    What's your favorite line from the game?

    Yep, that one.
  16. Eder

    Episode 5 - Missions/Tactics *SPOILERS*

    It's good to see getting into all those huge arguments with each other was worth it. ;)
  17. Eder

    Episode 5 - Missions/Tactics *SPOILERS*

    Yep, it's exactly the same Bengal model as it was in UE, one of the oldest meshes in the whole game. :p
  18. Eder

    Rescuing Earth on losing path

    Welcome back! Maybe now we will have someone get all of the awards in the Sim.... :)
  19. Eder

    Awwww... do I have to dump?

    Didn't you hear? It's for the best. :p Seriously, no, you can't get the girl... it's film noir, it could only end with her killing Bradshaw or him moving on. :p
  20. Eder

    My WC3 mods for Standoff and a few questions about IFF files.

    The file with the strings should be in language\targetid.eng (I think?) inside one of our tres. The string is referenced by a number in the ship file. You can edit all these files with WCPPascal from Thomas Bruckner's website.