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    Idea: Tips for new players

    I've been a gamer for a long time, but didn't really get into the forum thing until Civilization 3... in that world (no pun intended), I am pretty well known. One of the things I've done quite a bit has been to start threads and fora to help newer players. Well, when it comes to PrM, I NEED...
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    Buying / selling ships

    I'm a bit confused... I am ready to get rid of my Tarsus-sow, but don't see how to sell it before buying a new ship. Do I have to buy a new ship first? Also, when I do sell a ship, do I need to sell off all the equipment first?
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    Quadrant maps

    Are there printable maps of the four quadrants anywhere?
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    How good is 1.0?

    Newbie here, and again, SALUTE for the effort. This from a guy who has actually read the Wing Commander *books* (Fortschen and others) not once, but twice!! I still dream of wandering the sector with my Stelteks!! So... is 1.0 what I want? Or should I wait a bit? I'm a fairly well-known...
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    Which joystick is best?

    First off, let me say (and I'm gonna repeat this in a few new threads) how friggin' thrilled I am with this effort!! :) All of you who have made this happen: I salute you, I serve you lox and bagels in the morning, I give you back massages, I wash your cars, I mow your lawns, etc...