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    You are Cordially Invited... (August 10, 2012)

    Happy Birthday, CIC!
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    Wing Commander III (GOG) Joystick Issue

    Sorry folks, I apparently have little luck with the GOG downloads working out the gate (and I figure the problem's more with me than the games). The game loads fine, installs fine, and the joystick (Logitech Extreme 3D Pro) works fine as I wander about the Victory, but come time to fly, it...
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    Wing Commander 1 & 2 (GOG) Issue

    @Dundradal - Yeah, I let it sit for almost a minute, maybe more with it being fullscreen, and when I Alt-Tabbed out, I probably had the now smaller window up for 5 or more minutes. @wcnut & Plywood Fiend - I'll change up those settings when I get home tonight and see if it makes a difference...
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    Wing Commander 1 & 2 (GOG) Issue

    Apologies if this has already been covered somewhere and I'm just not seeing it. I just bought and downloaded WC 1 & 2 from (as have many of us today!). Installation went fine, but when I launch both games, after the DOSBox icon comes up and th escreen for DOSBox v0.74 appears, I only...
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    Favorite Game of All Time!!!!

    In no particular order (sorry, can't narrow it down to just 1): Star Trek: The Next Generation Pinball Herzog Zwei Shining Force Mechwarrior 4 Black Knight 2000 Pinball Cobra Command (the original arcade one) X-Wing Red Baron SWotL Gateway
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    Nearly hate to ask this, because I feel I should know the answer already, but anyhow... there a list anywhere of the various medals given out to Confed personnel (players never got any after the WC I games that I remember)? I remember information in Claw Marks, but don't ever recall...
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    Then What Happened? (May 3, 2006)

    Good stuff in there; I enjoyed reading it!
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    Kilrathi Saga up for sale

    Did you get the big map? Mine's so worn; I'd love a new one.
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    ST And B5 Actor Andreas Katsulas Dies, Aged 59

    Aw, that sucks. =/
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    Chris Roberts

    Kilrah was destroyed and millions/billions of Kilrathi dead. The culture (even if only one specific clan's culture) was annihilated as soon as the T-Bomb left Blair's fighter. The genocide was accomplished at that point...Confed wouldn't need to "sustain" any more conflict against the...
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    Chris Roberts

    I think I must have replied this in another thread, or I simply can't find my earlier post in this one (apologies, either way). Definitions of Genocide: --The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group --The deliberate and systematic...
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    Anybody else hates the Sabre?

    Personally, gimmie a Ferret (even the non "Super" variant) any day vs. an Epee.
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    Chris Roberts

    This takes me back to my initial question. If the Kilrathi had T-Bombed (or otherwise destroyed) Earth in order to prevent mankind from wiping them out, would you still argue the action as self defense on the part of the Kilrathi? Confed wanted to win the war. They, perhaps, believed the...
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    Tolwyns mistake?

    By "their civilization" I meant the Kilrathi. I wasn't meaning to single out the word; "culture" works just as well if it makes more sense that way. Two other things I've just thought of, which may or may not be relevant: I haven't seen it in a long long time, but in the "Hawk" ending of...
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    Chris Roberts

    I think I'm pretty sure I get where you're coming from on this; Assuming that the Kilrathi were on the verge of winning the war, if Blair didn't T-Bomb Kilrah, then Earth gets destroyed and/or mankind becomes enslaved or wiped out. Thus, bombing Kilrah was an act of self-preservation on the...
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    Tolwyns mistake?

    Small question regarding this. If the Kilrathi had destroyed Earth, killing the bulk of humanity so that their civilization would continue to thrive and expand, would you make the same argument?
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    Progression of ships

    Remember, the Broadsword's a bomber, not a fighter. The lack of speed sucks for sure, but that's why (though not always in the WC-II game itself) they had fighter escorts. From the info on Wikipedia (which I know isn't the most accurate at times; if anything in there's incorrect, please...
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    Progression of ships

    Yeah, it was mentioned above, but based upon several different sources (I'm sure LOAF can make direct references to some of them), we know that while WC-II/WC-III fighters/ships were "new" to us players when the game released, a great many of them were "old" in the WC universe. For instance...
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    TCS Cimino - Where?

    Wow. Never woulda thought about doing that (not that I have the capability currently). Were the references from the surround (i.e. left-rear/right-rear) channels?
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    Phalanx Cockpit WIP

    I like the purple one, personally.