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    What's you're kind of music?

    If you like Depeche Mode (I do), you might also like alpha conspiracy. He even has a remix of DM's "world in my eyes", and he's also working with Iris, another group with a similar sound. Bit of fun trivia: alpha conspiracy [known as Necros back then] and Basehead did the music for...
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    Have you ever microwaved halves of grapes? They spark! Fun can be had by experimenting various types of grapes, whole or different shapes cut, etc. Don't do it much more than 5-10 seconds, unless it isn't your microwave :-)
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    Extract sound effects from Privateer 2?

    Is there a way to extract sound effects from Privateer 2? I seem to remember this mentioned a LONG time ago, but my searches have come up fruitless. Any hints will be appreciated!
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    Escape Velocity

    Yes, it's a bit of a trick to set up the Mac emulator, but it can be done. In fact they ARE working on a PC version of the latest game, Escape Velocity Nova. It's in beta right now; should be finished soon. I'm certainly looking forward to it!
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    Not stuck: Can't retrieve Sosa in MIP

    You need to turn off Smart Targeting, Ctrl+T or Alt+T IIRC. Then you can target Sosa's pod normally. Hope this helps!
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    Action Stations

    I find that extremely funny. I wonder how remotely close they came to hitting something? :D One can only imagine what the pilots thought as a giant 18-inch shell went whistling past...
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    Fear not for the Wing Commander Invasion website...

    Erm, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't WCMods down now? Does anyone know if they have any alternatives in the works?
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    Bad memory

    Question: if all the aces were not included with the original WC3, could they have been in the Kilrathi Saga version of WC3? I also wonder this about the 'missing' movie scenes (like the Hobbes explanation); were they included in the Kilrathi Saga? I haven't played either in a long while so...
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    Did I blink?

    How does one listen to the audio files in Prophecy? I know how to extract them using Treman (I think), or is there a better way? Do you have to extract them all, or can you choose what to get and listen to? You don't mean you listened to ALL of them in one go, do you? Whoa. There isn't a...
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    Unused Rachel scenes in DivX format

    Ok, looks like the site is down now... but I know how to extract the videos. So could someone tell me where to find them in the movie files? The TRE path or movie filename or whatever. There wouldn't happen to be some kind of index of all the WC3 or WCP movies, like the one someone made for...
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    Play Prophecy movies!

    Huzzah, HCl is back! Welcome! And what a great project it sounds like he's making. We will watch with considerable interest. I'm especially looking forward to the Privateer 2 player... and the Secret Ops high-res upgrade! (look at his site) Mmmmm. Yes, the player I mentioned (and...
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    Play Prophecy movies!

    Just stumbled across something big here, maybe. So far I've been able to extract Prophecy videos using Treman. They extract as .WVE files, which is a popular EA format. They can't be viewed, though I can listen to the audio with GAP 1.32. From what I hear there's no known utility for...
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    Jumpgate Demo Available Now

    Erm, but Bob, Far-Gate is Real Time Strategy. Not exactly what we're talking about. Still, it's not bad. Would anyone believe I already have it? :-) It's SUPPOSED to be released September 11th... Yeah, Jumpgate is cool. Lots of potential, but they still need to tweak a few things...
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    Best WC music

    Thanks Zor Prime, but I have those utilities. Doh, no Prophecy extractor yet. Ah well. Huzzah Mad Hatter! Let us know where to get it, and then let's all bug the CIC to put it on their main music page instead of making it a news feature that gets forgotten the next month. :-) Also, did...
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    Extract music from WC4 and Prophecy!

    Drat, you're right, it extracted in mono. I thought it might have depended on the method of extraction... I guess not. Still, Zor Prime is right, this is far better than nothing. (and DEFINITELY better than hearing JUST the voice taunts over and over and over again...) So can ALL 18 WC4...
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    Best WC music

    Sure, how did you extract the movies? Does it work for WC3? How about Prophecy? (I can extract the Prophecy movies SOUND but not the video. ???) I have the WC4 DVD, so I don't really need to know for that. You're right, the music tracks are all around that long. All designed for looping...
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    Best WC music

    Ah yes, good old Mad Hatter. And whoever else was involved. Unfortunately I don't have the best Internet connection, or anywhere to upload my files, or I would prove it. But read my new thread for more info, if you haven't already. Try the GAP out yourself if you like. I've already...
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    Extract music from WC4 and Prophecy!

    I discovered how to actually extract the inflight music from WC4 and Prophecy! I'm almost certain it's in stereo, too. Get Game Audio Player 1.32 at This is a very nice utility, you can use it to play music from all sorts of different games. For...
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    Best WC music

    Has it ALL already been done? Remember a couple of months ago, somebody (I forget who) discovered how to extract the orchestra music from Prophecy. The only problem with it was the extracter split the music into hundreds of tiny files, and while somebody did a great job pasting them...
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    Best WC music

    I discovered how to actually extract the inflight music from WC4 and Prophecy! I'm almost certain it's in stereo, too. See my new thread for more details.