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    Prophecy Poll

    I wouldn't, cos I've got a few copies already :) Actually I'm not a big fan of people trying to hawk their goods on the messageboards, but it just so happens that I am about to put up a new, unopened copy of WCPG on ebay (I'm a bit short of cash at the moment), and since this is a thread on the...
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    Where are You?

    Home of the great PSV ... are you a soccer fan?
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    Where are You?

    I'm from Tasmania, Australia (no its not in Africa, believe it or not, and no Tasmanian devils don't spin around really fast). Hey Stormin - I've been to Port Alberni! I love Canada, its a beautiful country ... and lots of good ski hills :)
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    Kilrathi War Casualties

    Good post Redwolf, but I think I can give you a semi-good reason relating to this last comment. I'm no expert but I think this is a hard one to make people agree on, simply because the act of increasing the population is something people seem to enjoy quite a bit. I guess you could always...
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    Why did you pick your name?

    Hey it is ... bw ... ummm ... bw equals ... umm ... bw=border worlds, yeh thats it, border worlds dave! I can't believe I never even noticed that before. Thanks for pointing it out guys ... now I feel lgitimately "WC".
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    search for wc kilrathi saga

    No its very easy to get in fact, and I'd recommend this as the best way to get hold of KS WC1. You can fax/email them and order a copy of the CD (July 2000). Its $10 international, including postage, and even cheaper for within the US.
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    Why did you pick your name?

    Well there you go, and I always just thought you liked "Rigteous Fire" the privateer addon. I guess you should never assume anything :)
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    Why did you pick your name?

    Pretty boring and un-internet related... I used to have the nick name "big-wave Dave" at university. it was kind of tongue-in-cheek from my surfing mates, because I used to love surfing big waves, but I'm not the best surfer in Australia to put it mildly, so I used to generally bite off more...
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    Hi There!!

    don't even ask. "free" = "illegal" = "don't ask". Unless of course you go to Santa's website, and then maybe "free" doesn't equate to naughty
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    I just got WC:4

    Umm something tells me that he's only joking. Am I right? OK, how about this - I'll trade my commodore64 and ALL the games I have with it, for 2 copies of KS and a new car. Thats about FIFTY items (including a computer) for only 3!! First one to answer gets the trade.
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    Rachel Coriolis

    Fair enough - I can understand that. I'm used to having a few passengers with me when I go flying, and there is nearly always one with a camera! So I guess I wasn't really thinking about the differences in a 2-seat glider :) Thanks for the photos though - they give a pretty good idea of what...
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    Rachel Coriolis

    No, honest - You might have missed the thread, but Manjana was talking about her local glider club recently and how short the strip is, and how dangerous it is. I was kind of curious to see what it actually looked like. Hmm, why do I get the feeling I should have just kept my mouth shut :)...
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    Rachel Coriolis

    At the risk of sounding like an old fuddy duddy, I'd actually be more interested in a photo of your local glider club airstrip (taken from the air on final approach). Any chance of ever seeing that one ?
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    Birthday Salute

    Ooops - been away from the net for a few days. Happy belated birthday LOAF ... did you get any WC stuff for your birthday? :) Like maybe Freddie Prinze jnr's singlet to go with the socks ??
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    Where to get secret ops?

    I just checked their ftp site, as tyedyeboy said, and I think he's right. They do have files inside some "volumes" directories which look like they could be the episodes. Haven't downloaded them though since they're pretty large. Its not really of interest to me since I already have a few...
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    what was the coolest way you've died?

    Thats really sad - sorry to hear it. I don't know how appropriate it is to be asking questions at such a time as this, but what is CAF?
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    You can get an instrument rating with a private license?? Over here you can't get a proper instrument rating till you have your commercial licence. Mind you CASA have brought in a new "private instrument rating" just last year, but that isn't really worth much. I guess the laws in the US are...
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    "Steps" are controlled airspace steps. They have a "base" altitude so that you can fly below them and not be in controlled airspace. They start at gound level around major airports, and as you move away from the airport they move up in "steps" (usually in increments of a 5-10 mile radius). So...
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    Want to sell your WC Movie dvd?

    OK, I take the point with Neighbours ... I won't even try and justify it or make excuses for it, since there are none. However sport is one of the only things on TV that is worth watching, since it usually makes you ring your mates up and go outside to have a kick/hit/whatever - hence breaking...