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    Tropical Storm/Hurricane Rita

    So in other words "yes, we would." :p
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    Tropical Storm/Hurricane Rita

    All the hotels in San Antonio were full (or booked) as of last night. We've been told not to travel this weekend, but dammit I want Freebirds.
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    Hurricane Katarina

    I went to New Orleans this weekend. Or at least attempted the whole weekend. Got there 4am Sat. Left 8pm Sat. Got back home 7am today. It's normally an 8 and a half hour trip. That whole contraflow thing wasn't very well marked, so I ended up making a 150 mile detour. The whole thing was pretty...
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    Buying a New (Or Not So New) Car?

    Disregarding all the gravy, Acura's tend to be more dependable and last longer with little maintenance. Honda knows how to make a care you won't mind driving for many years. I have an Accord that's 8+yrs old and other than the paint job not being the best thanks to TX heat, it runs like a dream...
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    Tropical Storm Arlene Nears Gulf Coast

    I was on a cruise all week and we were supposed to dock at the Cayman Islands when it hit there. Obviously we and ever other ship going there didn't and just kept going to our next port. Kinda sucked, but the extra day at sea was pretty cool. Rough waters and a little rain, but nothing too bad.
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    Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum: Habemus Papam

    I almost cried today listening to everything on the radio (I was at work). Finally hit me that John Paul II is gone. Don't know much about Pope Benedict, but from what I've heard/read about him so far, I like him. I'd also like to say "thank you" to everyone here who's wishing us well with...
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    Future of Wing Commander

    Indeed. However, it was out of nowhere and there's no need for that. True enough. I tend to forget that we're talking about EA. Although, there are several EA games I can think of right away that sell less than half a million and yet that was enough to come out with sequels in some cases...
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    Future of Wing Commander

    There was no need for that. I neither compared them to the last WC game nor did I give a time frame. Simply stated that they are doing better recently, perhaps not as good as they once were but they seemed to be on an up swing. And someone thinks it's a good idea to make them because they...
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    Future of Wing Commander

    Considering the recent space sim games that have come out have done pretty well, I'm surprised another WC game hasn't already been announced.
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    A question in morality

    They showed up red on the radar so I killed them. So no, it never bothers me.
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    Your first Wing Commander experience?

    Wing Commander was a blind buy for me. It was the first game I bought for my 486. Saw it at a Software Etc and thought it looked cool. I could only afford one game, so it was either this or Mantis. Seemed like I could live out my Star Wars fantasies with it. Later I bought XWing, but this is the...
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    Battletech Movie?

    One of the other things I heard thrown around for a while was that they'd do a CGI Roughnecks style direct to DVD show. Out of curiosity, would people be more receptive to a MechWarrior or Battletech branded movie? I don't care one way or the other, but I think the MechWarrior name is more...
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    Battletech Movie?

    Actually, I've heard all of that stuff too. I've actually heard the bitching, not just people talking about others bitching.
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    Battletech Movie?

    Robot Jox is a classic. I'm still waiting for a state side DVD release. Yeah, I'd really like a BT movie and the Blood of Kerensky trilogy would be perfect for a movie. But they'd probably go with what's current or just change the story somewhat to appeal to a younger audience (like what they...
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    New Game: Evocrhon

    Looks pretty good. Didn't see any variation on the ship designs though. I'd probably buy it if I saw it at a store.
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    Living in the Age of Destruction

    You can buy the Clan and IS paks on The Black Knight expansion is there also. There's also a MechWarrior 4 compilation pack at stores that has MW4, BK, and Mercs. I've seen the paks at a couple of ebgames also. I still play them, but not online since I don't last too long. :)
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    Wing Commander Movie

    ^ That's my biggest gripe with the movie. For a movie about fighter jocks, the actual space fights are pretty badly choreographed. It just didn't seem like there was any movement to them. The cap ship fights were ok for what they were. Other than that, I really enjoyed the movie and still dust...
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    Penny-Arcade and WC Movie

    I thought that was Baby Geniuses. ;)
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    The silliest callsign

    I've always used Dex. Although, my callsign and nickname are completely unrelated.
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    Wing Commander Petition

    Because if it's not Scottish is CRAAAP!