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    "Kilrathi" Keyboard

    And, the keyboard has arrived (a Ducky 9008G2 Pro) and the keys are mounted. I present...the only Kilrathi keyboard this side of the Vega Sector: I missed the fact that this particular keyboard has 4 extra keys where the "lights" are on a normal keyboard. I can get 4 individual keys from...
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    "Kilrathi" Keyboard

    The keycaps are here! I ordered a keyboard from another company through a group buy on Massdrop - it came with 2 sets of factory keycaps that I should be able to resell to make some of the $$$ back and get the total cost down a bit.
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    "Kilrathi" Keyboard

    The font actually came from a post here on the CIC, way back when - WASD seems to be out of parts to deliver keyboards at this point... I was able to pick up a model from another vendor that the WASD keycaps...
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    "Kilrathi" Keyboard

    And here is what it would look like with key colors. Edit: Of course the file upload got messed up, fixed.
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    "Kilrathi" Keyboard

    Mechanical keyboards are expensive.... The very cheapest Monoprice model with Cherry switches is $60. Most "decent" models are around $100, Das Keyboard at $125... With WASD you're paying for the customization, you get to pick both the keycap color and the legend for every key individually at...
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    "Kilrathi" Keyboard

    I'm in the market for a new keyboard; several friends suggested the "l33t" blank keys. But why have blank keys when I could do something fun instead? I made this up using a Windows font version of the "Kilrathi" font from the WCP assets that someone posted back here a while back. From...
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    RSI Pledge Thread

    Here is a graph. Keep up the good work everyone. Note: I collected the data for this on my own from what is posted on the website, any questions should go to me...
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    WC Kilrathi Saga problems

    Unregistered, If you have integrated graphics (Intel GMA900 or GMA950) you probably just need to change the 'panel scaling' mode to 'stretch'. I can run ancient games in DOSBox and have them stretch properly to fullscreen using the adapter stretching, although I usually choose to have DOSBox...
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    Remembering Space Exploration Past & Celebrating The Future (January 28, 2006)

    Sweet! I wish there was somewhere around here showing it... I spent this past summer at JPL working on the Sample Acquisition/Sample Processing and Handling system for the next Mars rover, Mars Science Laboratory. Almost everyone I worked with had contributed to MER in one way or another. My...
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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    Live in a major city? Hopefully people who do want to see it live in a major city. Only 800 prints are being released this Friday, and nowhere within 2 1/2 hours of me is running it. A normal movie gets 1800-2800 prints. For all the hype and TV commercials all over the place, I...
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    Kilrathi Saga, WC4DVD etc.

    Go Start -> Control Panel -> Game Controllers -> Advanced and select your joystick as the one to be used in old games. Should work fine then.
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    Bengal is Gun Crazy

    Also, the Bengal is fairly new compared to say, the Victory..
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    Another Episode

    I'm on a fairly new PC and I had no problems.. Other then skippy movies...
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    Freelancer Questions Thread

    Call me old-fashoned, but the no-joystick thing still bugs me.
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    Freelancer Questions Thread

    Will there be joystick support? (if it's like Earth and Beyond, you won't see it on my PC) Multiplayer, or do we have to wait for Freelancer Online? Four-sided shields, two-sided shields, or what? How do the graphics that were "amazing" in 2000 look now? System requivements...
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    kilrathi saga

    I purchased a 'box of WC' to get my KS back in the day. KS, WC4, WCP Gold, Priv CD, Priv 2 Deluxe, Academy, extra WC1 Docs & Blueprints (!), WCP Map (!), WCP & WC4 game guides, and a CD with the downloadable KS add-ons in case they aren't online in 50 years... I paid $150. Got everything but...
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    WC1 Aces

    I did not let his Salthi live long enough to get out of range.
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    Tractor Beams

    There was a discussion about these a while back.. If you eject in WCP/SO, you get tractored into either a bug or a confed SAR ship... So the tractor beam feature is not totall absent from WCP/SO. Just being a master of the obivious..
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    possible improvement ?

    All the Cerb's big gun was ever good for was shooting me down as I tried to engage some bomber...
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    Real Life Mandarins

    I have a big flag poster with "These Colors Don't Run" under it, circa Sept. 2001, on my wall. I'm a patriot, and I'm not scared to show it. Every day I look around and thank my ancestors for moving to the US... People here take so much of what we have for granted; all they have to do is...