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    Favorite fighter.

    Black Lance Dragon & The Panther
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    What The Firekkan?!

    Indeed that I am not new Indeed that i dont talk alot Indeed look at my join date !Indeed!
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    The Word Game

    world wide wow
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    What The Firekkan?!

    What The Fuck?! not for imature monkeys and girly men have fun ;) this is the off-topic area
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    WC Prophecy on XP

    dont kill the cats it will screw your ass over ;)
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    Origin Museum

    ahhh my eyes
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    Nephilim Tiamat, or WC rip-off

    hmm interesting
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    CIC Polo Shirts, Comments Please

    id buy one must have black on it im a goth
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    Which PC game are you most looking forward to?

    Half-Life 2, Doom 3, Swat Urban Justice,The next Wing commander if they make one.
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    Star Ship Trooper Related To WC?

    Dont you think that Star Ship Troopers were related to Wing Commander in a way.
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    WC 6 Plans?

    If Origin does make WC6 do you think there should be more in planet battles? Im talking about in the dog fights not in space. And there should be pets:D
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    No pets in Wing Commander?

    I am back with another post Remeber i was the person who made the thread IS STELLITO HOT? it got over 700 replies and it turned out to be that she was hot. Anyway I was just wondering why there werent any pets in wing commander?
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    The New Age Dogfight Weapons?

    Will there possibly have a new aircraft laser system that could be used in a dogfight, because most of the Futuristic aircraft use a laser system. "Empire Earth in the Nano age"
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    Spacecraft Jumps

    Is it really possible to jump into or ther systems? Almost every scifi movie thats in space has something envolving Jumps?
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    Wing Commander 7?

    I wonder if origin will make a Wing Commander 7 with movies unlike Secert Ops.
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    Who thinks Stiletto is hot?

    Who thinks Stilletto is hot? Yes Kinda No
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    Why is Casey's voice different in Secret Ops?

    Why is Casey's voice diferrent in Secert Ops? FOr some reason Caseys voice changes form a normal voice to a drunk. "Wanna Piece of me huh, wanna piece of me" The best taunt was "So you Border World Dogs Want A Peice Of The Man"
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    Join The Marines

    Join the Marines in the fight against the KILARITHE. Get Money for Flight Acdemy. Sign up now.
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    When will the Kilrathi be eliminated?

    When will the Kilarathe be elimnated? When will the kilarathe be eliminated it seems like there in every sector of space and the broder worlds. Meastro is smoking.