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    Standoff splashes as wallpapers!

    These look mighty fine, indeed. Got the one with the Arrows as background for my notebook now.
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    How many downloads?

    I wonder if popularity will increase after the final release, or if Standoff will remain in it's current underground status.
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    How many downloads?

    IMO, I don't think it's all because of joysticks, as I enjoyed the aforementioned games without one. It could also be because of the limited multiplayer capabilities and a too steep learning curve. Most people these days seem to be frightened away from overly "complex" games, preferring shooters...
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    Apparently, naming corvettes after privateers (Francis Drake, Piet Hein, Henry Morgan), some of which are known to have participated in slavery is okay...
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    Making things more interesting: The Standoff Iron Man Challenge!

    Hey everybody, still playing the Standoff campaign? If you think that you can handle just about anything, and don't feel challenged? I've designed a little challenge to spice up the difficulty, try it out if you like and please reply what you think about it: -The prime objective of the...
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    Killing Cap Ships

    Hey, I just completed the Hakaga Strike on Nightmare and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt, err... Scotch from Freyers! Gotta admit, those large-scale operations often depend on getting lucky, whether your wingmen perform well or fall early. Did it with a Crossbow, going straight for the...
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    Episode 4 Mission Tree [Contains Spoilers!]

    Actually, from my gaming experience, you'll get a clear run at the Hakaga without any Kamekh/Targu/Ralatha as long as you get greens on all objectives in clearing the last (I think at least 75% of each ship type). Guess the other strike forces already killed the rest. On the other hand, if you...
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    Piloting Flaw

    My flaw is the inability to adjust to anything other than keyboard flight after years of keyboard using, I guess.
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    Standoff Chapter Four Now Available

    Don't forget the Chapter 4 losing path, while the winning path has some nice big battles, the losing path also has a diverse array of tricks in store for you. On a side note,
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    EDIT: Ah, a bartender rumor... never bothered with these during my Privateer playing time.
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    That, and it would take ages to fly around with a Crossbow :cool:
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    Episode 4 Mission Tree [Contains Spoilers!]

    Hmm... I once got from the losing path in Episode 3 to Backlash in Sirius, with all of the Firekka's systems intact after the final mission (Marching into Sirius), Fralthi and Ralatha dead, success in every previous Ep.3 mission, but still I get the losing ending... maybe it's because I only had...
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    A Comprehensive Standoff Guide

    Hi all, I'm still working on it. Currently I'm busy counting friends and foes for all the missions and exploring all the paths. Thanks to Wedge009 for outlining the Episode 4 mission paths. Should be ready for an update soon.
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    ...and again about Retros

    Unfortunately, memegroups (organized religions) always seem to attract a percentage of violent fanatics. One more reason to go without one.
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    A Comprehensive Standoff Guide

    Hello CIC Community, I may not be a top-ranking simmer or a contender for posting quantity, but I have the desire to help others facing a Wing Commander game with a difficulty level never found before in the WC series. Therefore, I am writing a mission walkthrough and some assorted hints that I...
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    Tell me about it. I've seen a wingman fly into a Clydesdale's mine strip, and there weren't even any hostiles around. As for the difficulty, you can still be on the winning side by doing well in one extra mission, so I don't mind too much.
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    Standoff Chapter Four Now Available

    I've trained to use the keyboard for years, so I never managed to get better with a Joystick or a mouse than with my good old keyboard.
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    Skinning Cats

    Speaking of which, I wonder why