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    System Shock Remake Released: The WC Connection (May 30, 2023)

    Holly cow, really! @Howard Day Bravo sir!
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    Wing Commander 1 (KS/WCDX) Loader & Voice Over Mod

    No, the loader is what actually plays the audio in the background as well as launch and play the video cut-scene before opening SM1. It's not played from the WC1 KS executables.
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    Extreme 3D Pro Not Working with Wing Commander 4 (GOG)

    GOG is the dosbox version correct? I'd first check that dosbox is set to emulate a joystick in the configuration file.
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    Wing Commander 1 (KS/WCDX) Loader & Voice Over Mod

    Out of curiosity Is there a benefit from newer versions of OGL? Why not make 3.2 the minimum if it can run that?
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    What do you mean you arn't a skilled artist? That is some damn fine work! If you had told me these were hidden assets from the first game, I'd have believed you.
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    Wing Commander 1 (KS/WCDX) Loader & Voice Over Mod

    Not sure where the technology is at, but I've heard amazing things. I wonder if it will soon be possible to feed an AI samples of the WC Sega CD version to generate new audio for SM1 and 2. If not now then id imagine it's only a matter of time.
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    Wing Commander 1 (KS/WCDX) Loader & Voice Over Mod

    Or the Snes one for that matter :) I'm still hoping one day it will be found.
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    Wing Commander 1 (KS/WCDX) Loader & Voice Over Mod

    Agreed, not matter what it will take a heck of a long time! But that is awesome!
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    Wing Commander 1 (KS/WCDX) Loader & Voice Over Mod

    Yeah, that would be a monster job, most likely a lot harder than what you did with the audio for wc1 and the sm1 video. (That is a neat trick with the loader program). It would have to play in the foreground in this case. Probably require some DLL injection tricks like they do with Prophecy.
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    Wing Commander 1 (KS/WCDX) Loader & Voice Over Mod

    Truley ,Thank you for your part in making the definitive version of WC Kilrathi Saga! It's such a blast of a play through. I was surprised by your inclusion of WC3. Those recommended patches really do help! It's actually playable on Windows 11. So really thanks for that! I can't tell you...
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    Wing Commander 1 (KS/WCDX) Loader & Voice Over Mod

    Fantastic Job! So much looking forward to to giving this a try!
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    Happy Birthday Chris! (March 17, 2023)

    Hear! Hear! Happy Birthday Chris!
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    Marketing, 1995 Style (March 7, 2023)

    My sarcasm detector is going off...but I wasn't sure. I had a Mac in 1996, we had a lot more than that... We had 20 games!
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    A Pro Stick Paired With an Action Hit (January 11, 2023)

    I had a 2 gravis mousestick IIs for early Mac OS growing up (had 2 Macs in the house). They look a lot like that joystick but they are beige, and connected to the apple mouse serial port. Despite feeling flimsy by today's standards, and yellowed, they still both work fine. Gravis made good...
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    I never understood why Tolwyn hated Blair so much.

    Correct. Not sure what you mean by this. If you could explain this reasoning? I could see it being anyoing who fans of WC2 that would have hated this whole subplot. But the addition of this scene wouldn't have made that any worse I'd think. Anyway I don't see deus ex machina. Just the...
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    I never understood why Tolwyn hated Blair so much.

    Very true, I didn't mean to downplay the shear amount of effort they did to make the story what it is. "This mattered in a different way to them then it does to me". Is exactly it, I very much agree. Absolutely, It was a total crime the left out that one scene where Hobbs leaves a...
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    I never understood why Tolwyn hated Blair so much.

    There is a huge dividing line between 1+2 and 3+4 story in many regards. And lines in between each game, but especially between 2+3. Technology, game design, story, characters. This is just one more example of that. And to be honest, I'm fine with that. We as fans love to twist ourselves in...
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    Malcolm McDowell Speaks!

    This is fantastic! Thanks you @Klavs81! And thank you Mr. McDowell!
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    The return of MicroProse!

    I must say Tiny Combat Arena reminds me much more of "A-10 Cuba!" than the Micropose simulators at the time. If anyone remembers that gem. Which is a good thing as the MacOS version of A-10 Cuba! and A-10 Attack! were the perfect balance of simulator and fun which I don't think any one else has...
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    Chess Blog Delivers a Reality Check (July 21, 2021)

    Ke1 is check, can't move there (you forgot Black's a5 bishop) The only thing white can do is block the Queen which the Queen will take. First Knight then Bishop if you really want to stretch it out.. To say it's not checkmate is pedantic. Seems to me the author just has an axe to grind. But...