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    Commander Roberts Pushes Through Final Week (November 12, 2012)

    The most expensive one you can afford. You have two years to save up. :P
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    Star Citizen Role Poll for Wingnuts

    Commanding officer. I already have two paw-- err friends I'll be dragging into the game (they haven't pledged, but I'll buy them copies on release). One really wants to do exploration and I'm a fan of Robert's militaries so it'll be between those two.
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    Ask Ben a Question!

    I'm glad you didn't decide to get into the CR job by starting at the kiddy end of the pool, but went right for the deep end... of the shark aquarium. I think all of my questions were answered. When do you think the big hiring push will begin?
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    RSI Pledge Thread

    I dunno, George Washington's Superpolymers were awful trying.
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    RSI Pledge Thread

    I threw in for $250 and sent in my resume. Looking forward to being involved, either as a tester or something more.
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    READ THIS ASAP! Live AMA on Reddit with Chris Roberts!!

    I'd say Roberts is still a big deal when he's crashed two servers.
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    Actively updated Star Citizen/SQ 42 details thread

    Actually you could buy the destroyers and carriers also, as well as space stations. I recall reading somewhere on the website that the pledge ships are meant to be nice, but there will be ships to get even after the Constellation.
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    Things you'd like to see in Star Citizen

    You say that like there's other uses for friends.
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    RSI Pledge Thread

    I'm waiting for screenshots/concept art of the ships. Yeah I'm that vain to pick on looks alone. But I might go all in for the top of the line RSI Constellation.
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    New Here

    Welcome to the happy hunting grounds.
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    Things you'd like to see in Star Citizen

    I'm hoping there's going to be space. I like space. Gotta go to space. Space.
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    RSI Pledge Total Back Online (October 14, 2012)

    I'm coming back because I want to congratulate the CIC, and Mr. LOAF especially. It makes me happy to see "a Chris Roberts game" on the horizon, but it makes me feel that much better to see someone as dedicated as LOAF become the community manager. You guys have done an outstanding job for all...
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    So it's Wing Commander 0?

    You mean like how EA is so cool that they've allowed us to host official Wing Commander content for free? Create a Prophecy DVD patch? And create complete Wing Commander games and novels? All without a single cease and desist nor a single dime asked? Contrary to what the Internet says, EA is...
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    Overpriced Privateers Make PC Format Mad (July 9, 2012)

    That made me laugh.
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    So, what else is GOOD on GOG?

    If you need a WW2 tank fix I highly recommend Panzer Elite.
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    Steltek Appearance

    Yeah... a snail... I don't refute that they use cockpits. It's obviously in enough open space to have a camera pointed at its beak thing. I'm merely suggesting they're space blobs, developed beyond the need for cool things like appendages and sitting upright.
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    Steltek Appearance

    For what little there is of them, I got the impression they were partially melded with the ship. Like a slug in a shell.
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    EULA for GoG EA releases gives consent to data mining

    Yes, that was LOAF's quote. I was quoting Buck in the war room after he finishes reading a transcript from Ripper.
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    Engineering CAD