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  1. originlife

    Gaia New Frontiers

    Has the project been scrapped? Its been 3 months since you promised us an image of the ship. Failing to keep promises like that this early on won't really go down well with the community you're trying to build, especially on Kickstarter. I did some googling and can't find a website/blog or any...
  2. originlife

    Homage to the Concordia in 300i Commercial?

    Fantastic! These tips of the hats make a difference.
  3. originlife

    Strike Commander on Good Old Games.

    You have to love!
  4. originlife

    Worst Mission Ever

    Maybe theres something to it. Ive always found completing the hardest/worst mission to be the most satisfying...even if many a joystick is lost along the way..
  5. originlife

    Wing Commander Flat Universe

    haha this looks incredible!
  6. originlife

    Star Citizen computer question

    Interesting posts on the tablets by the way. Keeping an eye on how far they progress. It would be brilliant to play star citizen on the train...although i'd have to find a way to remind myself to get off...
  7. originlife

    Star Citizen computer question

    I was quite curious about this. I keep my PC up to date, but I know a few old-school gamers who keep their gaming rigs equally as old-school... Wonder if star citizen will be the game that can coax them out of their habits to upgrade *edit* Also, forgot to mention. The specs are looking to be...
  8. originlife

    New turn-based Strategy Titel in the works

    Saw this when it first went up, forgot about it until now. Looking forward to it again ! [will bookmark it this time]
  9. originlife

    Star Citizen Linux port

    They are working with Crytek directly after all. I'm sure chris has many ways of convincing Crytek that there are linux veterans out there that would be pretty damn annoyed if it wasnt ported. Fantastic news
  10. originlife

    Amazon Adds 3D Printer Section (June 20, 2013)

    Bah! I really dont need any more reasons to buy one...i'll give in one day, but my bank account wont like me for it I was looking at the buccaneer printer the other day, when prices are getting to that level, you have to wonder whats around the corner. Will they ever get as cheap as desktop...
  11. originlife

    Rapier from Super Wing Commander paper model

    Looks fiddly! I struggle folding towels, let alone micropaper!
  12. originlife

    Damn, That's a Good Looking Ship! (July 1, 2013)

    Cracking! Really warms the old cockles when people re-vamp the old ships...and do a good job of course!
  13. originlife

    RSI Raises $10 Million

    The mo-cap studio is up on their youtube channel, looks very impressive! You have to wonder what they are planning in terms of animation if they were intent on acquiring one...
  14. originlife

    Worst Mission Ever

    Kurasawa Ralari...
  15. originlife

    I'm in the mood for Beethoven

    "Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh!" Just put it down after a second reading, have to remind myself not to talk to my family in Nadsat slang
  16. originlife

    3D Printed Starfighters

    Fantastic quality on the prints! Just slow clicked through the whole thread.
  17. originlife

    LucasArts is no more

    Also, I nearly died when I saw this. That is the face of a man who has died on the inside. Granted it's a whacky goofy squeaky cartoon death...
  18. originlife

    LucasArts is no more

    You have to feel for the guys over at Lucasarts. Thats a lot of staff to let off. You can pretty much guarantee none of them will be transferred to the graphics department of the new star wars films. Theres a small part of me that wishes its a publicity stunt to see what the reaction is..but im...
  19. originlife

    ARKYD Space Telescope Kickstarter needs your help. Only an hour left!

    Fantastic project, bringing science to the masses gets me all giddy
  20. originlife

    Kerbal Space Program

    Its so damn addictive, and i've only played the demo version. Looking forward to a heck of a lot of further dev!