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  1. Halman

    Strike Commander

    No, it doesn't become gray at all. There's only one Mona Lisa, so it's ok if we steal it because it's impossible to purchase! It doesn't matter if it's hard to find, if they haven't very explicitly made it publicly available then you're breaking the law.
  2. Halman

    Which laptop should I get?

    Alienware seems like a decent place to start if you want to spend a bunch of money and have a neat looking laptop. specifically This one Or you could just get a pretty good dell or hp for around 1,500-2,000. You can get the Turion with the alienware and the HP laptops, dell seems to be all intel.
  3. Halman

    Halo News!

    Right, with the massive backstory.
  4. Halman

    Halo News!

    Oh, I dunno. I'd say when people stop buying the games where you do just that.
  5. Halman

    Save Stargate SG-1!!!

    O'Neill, two 'L's :)
  6. Halman

    J.J. Abrams To Direct 'Star Trek XI'

    Yeah, it would suck if there was enough of an audience for them to keep making new stuff.
  7. Halman

    Welcome Duncan Alex!!

    Thats awesome.
  8. Halman

    Kane returns in C&C3

    Kane actually works for the soviets in the first Red Alert. You see him in the background in an FMV or two I believe.
  9. Halman

    "excuse Me Sir, Did You Say The Victory?"

    Yeah, it must have been very unpopular. Because everyone in the confederation knew his history with the 'Claw.
  10. Halman

    Stargate SG-1 Cancelled!

    I haven't seen Atlantis at all. But Infinity was awful :)
  11. Halman

    Stargate SG-1 Cancelled!

    It was a great show, but it's certainly been on the air long enough.
  12. Halman

    "excuse Me Sir, Did You Say The Victory?"

    they made a movie about how he let them blow up the Tiger's Claw, though.
  13. Halman

    So much for the importance of the intarweb...

    I went to a 7:30 showing on friday night with less than a dozen people in the theater with me.
  14. Halman

    I Must Admit

    Just wondering Heavy, where are you from?
  15. Halman

    CIC Clothing

    It's essentially on hold, but I should be able to make a few more sometime soon. I'll try to get a guide online soon on how to make them.
  16. Halman

    F-35... destined for greatness?

    I believe the invasion route we worried about back in the cold war was through germany.
  17. Halman

    Question about modular components.

    Yeah, I guess it'd be impossible to run a timer without some weird fuel consumption system.
  18. Halman

    Hunters of Dune

    All the cool Dune fans had Kevin J Anderson read these chapters to them.
  19. Halman

    Question about modular components.

    And making the player worry about that at all is a weird overcomplification.