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  1. DaveO

    Republished Wing Commander videos

    Thanks for the mention in the news! Please be aware that the Prophecy videos are a bit loud on the sound. I had started playing and re-recording WC3 on hard difficulty, but it's getting to be not much fun and I somehow missed the first mission. I'll likely start again from scratch on ace...
  2. DaveO

    Republished Wing Commander videos

    I added back Prophecy and Secret Ops to my playlists again. I had put them as private for some reason quite some time ago. I also found a few other WC2 videos that somehow got private and made them public again. is the link to the...
  3. DaveO

    My Photobucket archive no longer free

    Sure, that sounds best to me! That way everyone can see the collection. Let me know if there is any special process to host the WC screenshot files.
  4. DaveO

    meet the poster

    Well, my profile says I discovered this place in 2008. Now a few things about my Wing Commander history and me. I started on Wing Commander 1 for the IBM when machines were still in the infancy period. Sound Blaster became the defacto must-have AND you needed to know your Autoexec and Command...
  5. DaveO

    My Photobucket archive no longer free

    I already have copies of my Wing Commander screenshots from my Community Replay a long time ago. I'm not sure when the transition occurred, but I'll obviously be looking for a new place to host those shots along with other screenshots.
  6. DaveO

    Joystick flight mode problems in WC3

    I found the solution to my own problem. Embarrassing as it is, using CTRL + O for options and selecting joystick did the trick in flight mode. I might as well keep this post up here for any others who may run into the same "issue". :oops:
  7. DaveO

    Joystick flight mode problems in WC3

    I recently tried both my free Origin WC3 version and the Good Old Games version and encountered a problem where the joystick either does not respond(Origin version) or spins in circles(GoG version) when going into the flight mode of the game. Using a joystick works without issues when navigating...
  8. DaveO

    Representative moments from WC games to decorate my wall

    You're welcome to use the YouTube page and the photobucket page to put what you want on your walls. All I ask is that you honor the source as best as you can. What I mean is to use the images or screenshots as-is with no additional enhancement.
  9. DaveO

    Any interest in a community starlancer play-through.

    It sounds like there is still some ironing out to do...
  10. DaveO

    Expansion Packs Released for EA Games on GOG! (December 20, 2012)

    Are the expansions the DOS versions or are they from the Kilrathi Saga edition?
  11. DaveO

    Any interest in a community starlancer play-through.

    Since it seems like there are quite a few players, please PM me if you have not already started. I could get back into the game despite the number of missions. New machines need to use only one affinity, or else you'll crash on missions.
  12. DaveO

    GOG Kicks Off Annual Holiday Sale (December 14, 2012)

    Awesome annual sale! I got several titles, so I'll be busy for quite some time.
  13. DaveO

    Finally first time Secret missions WOW IT HURTS

    Been there, done that! Although it's not easy and it requires a bit of patience and bravery.
  14. DaveO

    Any interest in a community starlancer play-through.

    I've played thru the game a few times. The match speed key really helps, although there are missions where your afterburners will run out even with multiple backups. There are some pretty good ships, although you should avoid the one with low agility(or whatever the stat was for turning rate).
  15. DaveO

    Good Luck Curiosity! (August 4, 2012)

    Successful landing late last night. I felt that the news conference could have used less 'Go USA' from the replies of the team. I was surprised about the Thailand question about turning over the rover to kids, but you could not seriously consider putting a multibillion piece of equipment under...
  16. DaveO

    They're Just Seventy Off (June 24, 2012)

    Too many console games in the top 10, and there will be another "Top X games" within a month at the most on some other site.
  17. DaveO

    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander IV on GOG (April 3, 2012)

    It's awesome that you can get WC4 from GOG for only $3 during this sale. I'm hoping that any 'hedgers' on the game will decide to buy. I went ahead and bought Ultima 7 Complete and both Ultima Underworld games.
  18. DaveO

    Hellcat-V Designation?

    On the 1:18 mark of my YouTube video at , it does seem to say space superiority fighter. The loadout screen shows heat-seekers and friend-or-foe for the missiles. I have no idea if the video can be enhanced or not with another program or a special screen shot recorder.
  19. DaveO

    Kill Count Challenge?

    All I can say is that there need to be more than two people in on the Challenge or replay. Lorien and I were pretty much alone on some of the replay entries. P.S. - My Photobucket WC replay screenshot collection is still active.
  20. DaveO

    Political Correctness or Patient Care?

    I don't believe that it is an unreasonable expectation to have good Customer Service. LOAF is correct in that places are trying to make do with people who can do everything at the lowest possible cost. It's been that way since the recession started, and I don't believe that it will change for...