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    TCS Concordia (from movie)

    Really awesome detail !!! It will drive you made if you are going to texture this :D
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    WC Saga Seeking Voice Actors (February 7, 2011)

    Hey there, first I didn't wanted to post anything here, in fact I had no big interest at all posting in this community for quite some years (except my latest models, since I hoped someone wanted to use them) :-) Because of my own subjective image I had drawn to myself about some people here...
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    Midway, Murphy, Durango and others

    Thanks man :) I would have asked you anyway, before releasing anything :)
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    Midway, Murphy, Durango and others

    'nough said :) There is already someone starting work on the fighters (banshee i think) I will not say who because I do not want to spoil the suprise. Since he is very talented, I expect something very cool :) Those models are not related to WCS, it was just a fun side project of myself...
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    Midway, Murphy, Durango and others

    Hey there, since Wedge did some work in providing me with images a while back, I thought the least I could do is to show the results before they only lie around on my HD :) Since I'm currently doing a break on WingCommander I wanted to show some other models too, it will take a while before I...
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    Can someone provide me a few images ?

    Great, thanks again Wedge :) Those pictures will help me, the rest I will be able to create by myself. The engines I can mostly see from the original ingame model, or the old Saga model. But I think I will start with the midway first :)
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    Can someone provide me a few images ?

    Thank you, the midway promotional pictures are very useful for my purpose, nearly gave me the view on all I wanted. The rest I can remodel from my mind. Now hopefully someone can give me something similar from the vesuvius :)
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    Can someone provide me a few images ?

    Hello, i'm currently trying to create some high detail models from the WCP and WC4 Capital ships. Unfortunately, It seems that I have lost my Disks while moving into the new appartment. So I would be very happy if someone could provide me with a handfull images from the games, most...
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    Kilrathi Scetch modelled

    Hey Guys, since my life is changing (for good :) ) I made a cleanup of my PC, which I will most likely not going to use a lot anymore :) But I found that baby here I made a few months back in a final attempt to going back to modelling. But I think it would be a shame to waste the model file and...
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    NEWS : Relaunch !

    For this week's update, we have a lot of things to share! First off, the Wing Commander Saga team has revamped it's website. Our web page has been completely overhauled for your convenience with a more user-friendly and comprehensive layout. Stop by for a visit to check out preview trailers...
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    News : New Saga Artist and Saga Ferret !

    Since the release of the WC Saga prologue, several talented new people have joined the Saga team to help us make the full campaign. Today, we would like to introduce you to one of our new memebers: Adam "Klavs" Burch. Klavs has amazed the rest of the team time and time again with the speed at...
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    Custom Mission completed!

    Please send me the mission file to my email account here : Also it would be neat if you include maybe a very short textfile with a designers note, sort of a small description for future downloaders what to expect from this mission, and you can leave your name/credit there...
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    Adding comm messages without voiceovers?

    I just the same like adding messages with voicelines :) In the event editor you can create the message on the right side. Name it, enter text and add an animation to it Caution : If you don't add a voicefile, the animation will be played the entire length. Having only a short text, but a 16...
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    FRED scripting problem

    Sorry, I didn't added docking points to the ships. But they should be added in the main release in any case (creating docking points is always a pain :) ) If your destroyer isn't moving at all in this mission and sits on one place from the start, you could try to make a waypoint inside it's...
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    Flak Download

    Well, there is still an entry called "Kilrathi standard flak" in the weapons.tbl, it's a remnant from an earlier stage of development. Don't mind the name, it can be mounted on confeds too. But I have to admit, I'm not sure the effect files are still in the download package. You need to try...
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    RELEASE: Relive the Glory Days with New Autopilot Feature

    Indeed, escpecially in WC4 when I remember correctly. WC3 had more of both (also if I remember correctly, it's been a while since I played it). Good thing is, in our version we can set the camera to the mission designers wish, which allows a little more variation of those sequences. Yeah, i...
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    Mission editor and hosting for custom missions

    Theoretically you can. But this stuff is pretty much embedded into the mission scripts and the mission flow (it's a demo afterall, as well for the game as for the new engine). So it'll be quite some work and testing necessary to make it run without these parts
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    Prologue Released!

    I don't think so. When the transport is destroyed, a different ending will happen and Baws orders you back home. But this sounds that you broke the chain of scripted events by flying to the next navpoint (you have to much time on your hand, don't you ? :) ) and the mission goal was "broken"...
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    Prologue Released!

    A taunt feature is on our code wishlist. However, this list is so long that I placed the taunts very low in priority, so for the moment it's impossible to say what we will get and what not (we take what we get and be grateful for that, for the rest we have to make a workaround). A save...
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    Prologue Released!

    Maybe just a little :) But to give you some motivation, at the end of Mission 3 is the model you are interested in taking a look at ;) Spoiler :