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    Class names

    Didn't the WC4 Hellcat have Ions and Particles?
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    Black Lance

    Ooh. I remember them. I had a Mrrshan-Humie-Klackon game set up once on MOO classic, and it was very interesting :)
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    How many are there ???

    Will Evil LOAF then be preaching the wonders of Freespace and it's *BIG* Capships? :D
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    GameSpot Poll

    You mean X-COM Alliance? Seriously, it was roughly 80% done when they canned it, and I even got the poster from Collectors Ed, too :). Would have been very promising. X-COMmies like me would have hailed it as much as... oh... Privateer 3?
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    Black Lance

    In case you shoot blanks like Starkey :D
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    WingCommander-Simulator ? ?

    If you want ineffective guns... Play Armada. God, I must have spent WEEKS trying to kill those damn ultra-dralthi...
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    The Wing Commander Galaxy Maps

    Sectors... Okay, I know what the Canon sectors are (Eg, Vega, Kilrah, Epsilot, Gemini, etc...) But what's the deal with the WC1 Expansion-pack sectors? They've got the 'Deneb Sector' and 'Antares sector'. Those sound a lot like quadrants, and I think they are quadrants. Please explain to me...
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    Dallas system?

    What then, prevents a ship from having both types of drives, and using them when needed? I could imagine Confed SO using Hoppers to attack Kilrathi Rear-guard units in systems without direct jumps to Confed Systems if this was possible...
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    Wing Commander (Resurrection)

    You mean, you liked spending 24 missions shooting down Torpedos over and over again, and destroying Superweapons every mission? You liked the CAG saying 'Lock and Load' every five seconds??? Quick, stop me before I have to continue venting my anger and hatred at this damn game :)
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    Cadet Blair & Admiral Burgstrom Part II

    This thread looks like it's treading down the long, dark road to being closed...
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    Thrak'hra and Kilrah'hra

    Thrakhath DID say he 'didn't like a cousin trying to kill him' sometime in SO1, so I'm assuming with such a close blood-line with Thrak, Hobbes is a Thrak'hra.
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    Then how do you explain the WC4 appearance of Hellcats and Thuds when there's loads of Dragons, Excaliburs and Bearcats crawling all over the place? The Vampire was designed to be a mostly cost-efficient craft which would give you the most pure fighter for the least buck by getting rid of all...
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    RTS Poll

    Go Firekkha! Attack Bird-men!
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    WC 3 installation problems

    really? me too. same problem.. except I've got 98 and the 'Windows Gold' version of WC3.. .any help?
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    Favorite Carrier

    Come on, Concordia! It's the first time we actually see some Decent Firepower on a giant Space Carrier. Is it me or do these huge, Capital ships seem underpowered, especially compared to Fighters? I -really- mean this for WC1 Era craft, where the Venture was less Armed than a Scimitar, a good...
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    Hey, It's Favoire CrapFighter(tm) time!

    Eer.. mmm.. Okay, I think I forgot to put a poll in :), Choices: Sarthi! Dralthi I/II! Hellcat V Hornet! Scimitar! Epeeee!
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    Hey, It's Favoire CrapFighter(tm) time!

    Alright, What's -Your- Favorite Crappy Fighter? We've got all kinds of choices... Of course, Ferret's not on there, because a ferret will beat a Dragon/Lance Any day, and such... Crap fighter Roll call!
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    Question to Priv/Righteous Fire vets...

    ...Now if only you could opt to start with a Talon... Roughly same armor than a Tarsus, 3 Hardpoints + 1/2 Missiles, and less Cargo than the Centurion...
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    Dream Machine

    Hmm, is it just me or does that top pic Firefox look mysteriously like a Rapier IIa?