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    Was Admiral Harnett...

    Some time ago, someone posted a full list of admirals,generals and other hi-ranks in WCUniverse. But I missed that list...:( Where can I found that info?
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    Who's hottest?

    Coriolis rules! Ginger's just damn hOt!
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    Feline (Kilrathi?) mention in Privateer 2

    Previous post was just a joke. Imagination vault.
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    Feline (Kilrathi?) mention in Privateer 2

    All Tri-System citizens - descendants of Piligrims. {suggestion} Imagine, one of the Morvan Drive Pilgrim Colony Ship during Final Exodus of 2399 was *lost in space* (travelled in autopilot mode in far and unknown cluster of space). Then first colony was established on Anhur, then expanded in...
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    Deneb, Antares Sectors

    Arrrgh! Give me that Johnny! :D
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    Master of Orion

    Ahh, sorry I forgot add link Here You can find utilities, solutions, scenarios, tools, editors and very cool MoO2 theme (desktop, sounds, icons and etc.) Enjoy!
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    Master of Orion

    WC mod for MoO2 Hello, gang! You know, You can play custom scenarios for MoO2. For example: Last year one guy from our wc-site from Volgograd sent me a ftp-link, where I found a scenario named: Kilrathi War . You need MoO2 v1.31 patch, then download scenario, follow install...
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    What missiles do you prefer?

    Look at the fantastic show in WCSO: Devastator or Shrike Mosquito (or Dragonfly) mass launch!:p Definitely amazing scene!
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    Does the Landreich have an insignia?

    I'm dumb. Very dumb. Flag colors and military insignia can be different. BTW, where are you picked red-blue colors for insignia. I cannot remember any mention in novels?
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    Does the Landreich have an insignia?

    And why Landreich flag was designed in other color scheme: a white cross of Saint Andrew on a black starfield impaled by an upright sword, with the motto "Freedom Through Strength" below?
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    Confederation Class Dreadnoughts were built 'around' main big gun - PTC. It was primary task constructors were done. All other stuff: engines, bridge, crew quarters etc., including fighter compliment (with hangars, decks and runways) was secondary for them. I think they cannot implement *deck...
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    Secret Ops Episodes

    Yyea-a-ah! Right on the money! :D
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    Squadron's Motto question

    Uhm... and 'about felins motto? Anyone got them already?
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    Squadron's Motto question

    Big thanx, guys, without You I think it will be more difficult. And the names for kilrathi squads?
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    Squadron's Motto question

    Hi,all! The squadron's motto[s] are pretty cool, esp. in WCCCG. Trying to collect it, but I got big troubles. Cannot correctly read them from CCG scanned cards. Can You help me with this little thing? Maybe someone early did this work? TIA
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    PETITION: Wing Commander Music CD?

    I'll buy this CD for me and my russian wc-comarades.
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    Official Music Petition!

    I'm with You, people! I'm Mikhail Babloyan aka Black Joker and I want sign this petition. I doubt, I'll ever see (hear) this wonderful CD (Russia is far-far country from You, guys), but nevertheless... Good Luck!
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    Chris Roberts leavs DA ! ! !

    Another day - another news Hello, all again. Today russian game center Absolute Games has confirmed that C.Roberts abandoned DA and another predictable new info from DA: MS might close Freelancer. Why am I not surprised???
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    Chris Roberts leavs DA ! ! !

    But, it's evil MS... And maybe some conflicts exists within DA or between DA and MS. You guys, you are in USA, e.g. more close that I am and maybe You will clarify this thing. And Russia is far away from Austin...
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    Chris Roberts leavs DA ! ! !

    Chris Roberts abandons DA ! Hello, all! Russia GAME center "Absolute Games" posted today an extremely hot article: ..."Chris Roberts, autor of famous Wing Commander games serie, abandoned Digital Anvil. Gossips say it's because of Microsoft and it's long shot project with DA. First DA's...