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    WCA Episode Chronology

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up, so I'll go ahead and post it. Last night, I spent downloading the high quality WCA episodes from the sight and while they were downloading I went through and watched them. While I was watching, I noticed something about the order in which we have the...
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    Video with classic Nintendo twist

    One would think that people are more intelligent than that. However, through countless hours of research, I've come to the conclusion that people are basically moron, it's just the shining stars that keep video evidence.
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    How big....

    How large of a ship would be needed to house two powerplants? Could it be fit into a ship the size of a fighter? or would you need a ship the size of a 'vette?
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    Do Confed transports carry commercial cargo?

    In the present day US military, transports are flying constantly. These transports carry only cargo that has to do with military operations. Not just wars and stuff, but also humanitarian aid if the military is involved in that type of op. I would assume that that is the case in the future as...
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    Wing Commander TCS Perilous RPG

    It isn't allowed. 4) Do not post messages specifically for the purpose of plugging a site. On the other hand, references to web sites directly related to the discussion in the thread, or URLs in signatures, are allowed
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    I am pretty sure that he also playes the Vice Principle on the show Boston Public.
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    confed handbook

    That would defeat the point of doing a PATROL. You aren't just clearing the Nav Points, you are clearing the space between the Nav Points as well.
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    Ghorah Khar

    I was just looking at the WCP map and I noticed that Ghorah Khar had a red dot representing it. During SO 1, Ghorah Khar had gained its independence from the Kilrathi Empire. Did they lose their independence later on in the war? Or was it that they rejoined their fellow Kilrathi after the...
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    How common was it for pilots to carry other forms of weaponry, besides the standard issue Laser pistol? IIRC, didn't Grunt have a laser rifle from his Marine days shoved in his fighter?
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    Border Worlds WC game

    Yeah, but the Landriech wouldn't be taking back the Deneb System. All that Kruger was interested in was defending Landriech and later, other worlds that were a part of The Landriech from the Kilrathi.
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    best captain

    How about the guy who played Cisco on DS 9. I like him better in that role than as the head of an Assassin organization.
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    What's your (Call)Sign?

    My favorite animal is the gray wolf. Once, I met an Air Force pilot with the callsign of Greywolf and I have used it ever since on all of my flight sims and message boards.
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    Ritual of Pukcal

    it was December 7, 1941
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    Need some help here

    IIRC, once the frigate comes up on the radar, the computer tells you "Mission Complete" and then you start back to the Lexington.
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    BWS Intrepid

    You have to remember two things about the Intrepid; 1) it was two Durango-class Destroyers with a flight deck strapped between them. 2) Maniac looks up and sees holes in the hull. This means that the births and the bridge were above the flight deck, not below it.
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    Let's get this straight

    I thought that the Concordia Fleet Carriers were named after the Confederation Dreadnought that was downed on Vespus.
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    Hey, changed name

    ah, that would become tiresome then.
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    Rapiers in the Movie

    The thing that I dislike is when good scenes that are already filmed are cut because they are a minute longer than they should be. Some DVDs have those "On the cutting room floor" features where they show the cut scenes. I watch those, and most would have made the movie better.
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    Hey, changed name

    So a thread introducing a new user is pointless....gotcha
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    Excals and T-bolts in WCPSO

    The Lance was also the symbol of the Black Lance. I doubt that Confed taxpayers would want to have the symbol of an organization that killed its citizens in the military that protected the citizens.