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    Favorite fighter from WC3\4

    Personal favorite: the Excaliber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Star Wars or Star Trek!

    It has to be Star Wars. Star Wars is just a much, much, much bigger universe. No offense to Gene Roddenbury.
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    Computer game quotes

    Anybody who has recently watched TECHTV will recognize this quote: "Dik dik."
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    Where were the minesweepers during WC1? When the game first came out I kept dying while trying to fly through those pesky Kilrathi minefields.
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    Favorite Capship

    Bengal. It has to be the Bengal-class. Partially beacause of its sentimental value and also it's distinctive styling. (The movie version looked too much like a cut up steel tube.)
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    I think the designers of WC1 might have just been using modern wisdom regarding external hardpoints.
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    Favorite Wingman?

    WC1: Paladin or Angel WC2: Hobbes WC3: Hobbes again, with Vagabond in a close 2nd WC4: Vagabond until he was fragged by a Confed Marine, after that it has to be Hawk. WCP: Stiletto PS. Tarquinn, I have to agree with you about the Scimitar.
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    Nice idea overmortal, same train of thought but different idea. Wouldn't it be neat to create a Special Ops mod to simulate Custer's Carnival? And thanks LOAF, quite a bit more than a Nimitz-class CVN.
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    Need a little advice on Capship Strikes...

    Thanks, nothing like pissing off an enemy. Psychologically, if a person is angry then the logical portion of his brain shuts down, causing rash action.
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    Major Maniac

    The thought of such an insanely disobedient officer serving with the Confed fleet shows a bit of stupidity on the part of the brass. I don't care if you are the best damn pilot in your mind, a military hierarchy functions on order. Disturbing that order limits the effectiveness of the unit.
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    Favorite Fighter WC1 and 2

    Raptor, who could ask for more then twin neutron guns, twin mass drivers, plenty of missiles for blastin' cats, and a mine for removing unwanted tailgaters.
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    Favorite fighter from WCP

    Devestator, for lack of a better term, it's a mini-capship.
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    Another question for you guys about my RPG

    Well, I feel the need to pitch in my ideas. My favorite fighter, which is truly underused, is the F-104A Bearcat Heavy Fighter. Armed with 4 light Tachyon cannons, with hard points for eight missiles, good speed and decent shields. Bearcat also maintains a high degree of maneuverability with...
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    Best movie quote

    "What we do in life, echoes in eternity!"- Maximus, Gladiator.
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    Need a little advice on Capship Strikes...

    How about trying the World War 2 tactic of attacking the ship head on? I've found it especially useful.
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    Thank God the Bengals were still in their fighting prime during Custer's Carnival. Anybody know how big the Tiger Claw's fighter wing was?
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    TCS Ark Royal

    I have heard there is a list of all of Confed's capships as of 2654. Doe anybody know where it is?
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    The Best Novel

    Thanks Aries, that has been bugging me since I read Fleet Action. Where did you find this out?
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    Tolwyn : Multiple Personalities Disorder

    PS. WC 3 is just a typo. It should have read WC 4.
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    LOAF, stupidity is something to be avoided, not proclaimed. I don't think Dennis Rodman would have the mental capacity to put a pen to paper.