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    Auction: Hazard Duty (November 12, 2007)

    Woot I also have the Surface Ground/ Biological Hazard Risk box :D Speaking of the boxes, I have two different Priv2 boxes: the black one, blue eye and the one with the 2 ships, whats the story behind that?
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    Most memorable wc moment

    Wow long time no I'd have to say my single most memorable, and my all time best kill, would have to the the Kitty orbital in Venice. Missiles empty, one gun left on my battered bird, my wingman forced to retreat and more furry heavies comming down hard. With nothing to gain...
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    Buying a PSP

    With the custom firmware OEM's you run enough of a risk of permanently screwing your PSP which has kept me away from them. As for movies they can be run off the memorystick after being converted to the right format (which is why I opted for the 1gig stick in place of a free game when I...
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    Star Trek Legacy

    Well now I've heard a lot of griping about some missions, what would you say is your fave? I loved playing hide and seek against the Romulans to reach the Defiant.
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    Star Trek Legacy

    Am I the only one who's played and finished it on the PC? The asteroids mission was a total pain in the ass, the only difference in my strategy was using my fastest ship (ok so i bought 3 souts in the end...) with full power to engines to tow the turrets I still think the Enterprise-era...
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    I would like to be the first person to express my grave reservations about

    Bogies 6 o'clock! pull up pull up! Oh wait.....I dont think i can anymore, just another silly concern from a flyboy
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    I would like to be the first person to express my grave reservations about

    Well this is incredibly friggin awesome news! Would this be the first unique WC to be made for a console before the PC (if they even port it)? Will there be online squadrons, Sector campaigns.... The only major downside was very accidentally pointed out by LOAF A lot can happen in a decade...
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    Defecting to the Kilrathi

    Correct NinjaLA. Read False Colours, set after the fall of thier empire. The main opponent the FRLN pilots had to face (Ragark?) had a functional Dreadnaught that we wouldn't just use against humans, but other Kilrathi. Several clans refused to follow Meleks rule (Nar Caxki mostly, IIRC) and...
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    Ok so smaller vessels can survive a jump then. But I recall (at least of 2669) that jump drives arent all that expensive. Also what about the reference in the WC4 novel about the border worlds having some kind of tech to open up jump points for other craft? If any given capship was to open up a...
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    Ok before everybody bangs thier heads on thier keyboards thinking this's another jump drive question, don't. After reading a discussion in another thread about which fighters do and don't have jump-drives, is there any reference as to why? Is the drive too big to fit on smaller fighters, or is...
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    That's Not A Kilrathi... (January 19, 2007)

    As if this isn't an open invitation to a caption contest ;) "Damn these infernal bars! Lunch so close yet so far!"
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    Hello everybody

    Damn thats some nice work Kiyara! I can really appreciate the effort put into producing these mini's, and I wouldn't be concerned over the little details like the hanger bay and such (personally i redo a LOT of detail on my model kits having grown up on GamesWorkshop). Just off memory but...
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    Ralatha, When The Walls Fell.

    In WC2 i always found it best to clear out all the fighters escorting the capship, get the hell out of there then carefully come back up its ass with torps armed. If you know your ranges you can sit still out of its guns while you get a lock, speed in once you've aquired the kitty bastard then...
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    EA Replay Australian release

    Hey for what it's worth to any fellow Aussies out there, Toys'r'us have started advertising the game for around $67, and after talking with a mate of mine working at EB the release date is December 14. I almost can't wait, the box art is the version with the Wing Commander bubble on top (as it...
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    You know, I bet there are no females on this forum.

    Beware the gals who FPS. Womans natural patience, ability to hold a grudge forever, and the fact that they dont get teased about fighting like a bitch make them excellent snipers :p
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    Hornet Day Continues (October 21, 2006)

    Yeah I still pop by now and then for a bit of a lurk, besides the fact that the CIC is the homepage on my comp (as well it should be!) but unfortunately seem to have less and less free hobby time. :( Between college at the time, a complete renovation of the house, then work, buying and...
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    What's Your Real Opinion About the Movie?

    That starlancer movie wasn't bad, but why they made the coalition soldiers look like aliens is completely beyond me :p Jests aside once i finally got over all the niggling little things i found it to be a fun movie, damn annoying that they never really released the DVD version here in oz.
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    See the stars from Spaceport America

    Didn't they say the same kind of thing a while back about those 2 brothers and thier crazy flying machine?
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    F-104 vs. MiG-21

    remember, ships don't fly themselves. Don't rule out a bird without checkin out who's flying the damned thing ;)
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    Star Trek: Favorite Class...

    Soveriegn class all the way. Sleek curves, decent power, the ability to keep going with the absolute shit beat out of it.....oh yeah and Picard's Enterprise-E. But if I had to pick a non-federation ship I'd go with either the Andoran ships from enterprise, or the ships used by species 8472.