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    Starship Simulation Games

    Of course add Freelancer to the list ;)
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    New Saga Rapier!

    By the same token I would say that LOAFs behaviour equally does not reflect well upon him or the Wing commander community. An in reference to LOAFs comments above: An apology is not an admission of guilt; legally it is an expression of empathy. This thread was "dragged down" the moment LOAF...
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    New Saga Rapier!

    Again I will reiterate that I have nothing to do with WC Saga or any other group, faction, fan project and so forth. I understand where your stand LOAF. I understand that you wish WC to grow via logical, fact driven debate. I would also like to say that Wing Commander is an art form. Art is...
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    New Saga Rapier! seem to have a lot of anger over this issue.... How do you justify referring to a forum member as an idiot due to the expression of an opinion that doesn't align with your own? I would have expected someone who frequents these forums as much as yourself to behave in a more civilized...
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    Prologue Released!

    Wow...just played the prologue...then I palyed it again. If this is the direction that Wing Commander is heading I am excited. A big thank you to the Saga Team!
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    Behemoth Crew Compliment?

    I may be wrong...but I think I remember the guy with the british accent replying "No Damage yet colonel" from the behemoth in the PC version also. I don't want to reinstall WC3 to check this though... (It's the PC version from Australia BTW if that makes any diff)
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    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    I've tried it out with the first file that was released, not the updated file and Black Lance and Border Worlds do not work, causing it to crash. So far people have said that they are having trouble with either one or the other, but both do not work for me. Confed works fine. Exe is in...
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    WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

    Well everyone, I've been a visitor to Wing Commander CIC since 1998, almost visiting an average of every couple of weeks. I've never posted on any of these forums, but have been a long time visitor and avid WC fan. I've decided to come out from the shadows and use my first post to express my...