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    Massive 90% EA Sale Discounts WC to $0.49 (May 20, 2023)

    Soooo.... This 90 percent discount apparently stacks with your gamepass/EA play discount as well. So it's actually only 44 cents per game with the extra 10 percent EA Play discount applied. Also, I guess EA doesn't expect you to try and buy this stuff from their website. You can at least do a...
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    Extreme 3D Pro Not Working with Wing Commander 4 (GOG)

    I'm glad you got it working. Have fun!
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    Extreme 3D Pro Not Working with Wing Commander 4 (GOG)

    This does sound like the 'multiple USB controller" issue. The mouse should not affect the joystick but if there's any other USB input device connected it could possibly be doing it. Is there a reason though you are using the DOSBOX version in instead of the Win95/DVD version from GOG? That...
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    Extreme 3D Pro Not Working with Wing Commander 4 (GOG)

    Maybe you caught this yourself already and it isn't the problem, but when you go to the alt-o menu to choose joystick, don't forget to click "save" before exiting the menu or it won't actually switch to Joystick control. As far as joysticks go though, if you have any other gamepads or USB...
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    I've Created a WC4 HD Video Pack

    You're not the first one I've heard of having audio issues and if it's not a codec issue, it might be something to do with either the player trying to pass through audio to spdif or or just losing focus in windows somehow with the way the video overlay works. IIRC the HD prophecy video pack...
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    I've Created a WC4 HD Video Pack

    It's possible it could be a resolution thing, especially if you are running an ultrawide monitor. Win10 has some functions that will scale things oddly when using high DPI monitors. You can turn off some of these features per program and that might help. Right-Click on the game EXE and...
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    I've Created a WC4 HD Video Pack

    You possibly need the updated opengl DLL. Try copying this one to your prophecy install directory and see what happens
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    Deleted WC Movie Scene Adds Interesting Relationship Context (April 10, 2023)

    Yes! The novel used the shooting script as a basis, so all the deleted scenes appear in the novel
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    Deleted WC Movie Scene Adds Interesting Relationship Context (April 10, 2023)

    There's a handful of scenes that don't show up in any of the workprints I've seen from the movie, so I've recreated these from the raw takes. These are work in progress edits with no real sound enhancement and minimal attempts to at least make the color consistent (though sometimes the footage...
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    Cool 3D Console Effect Barely Visible in WC Movie Time Slice (March 25, 2023)

    Here's another little detail I've never noticed in the Wing Commander movie before. [[ChrisReid: "Which is saying A LOT coming from AD!"]] In the Time Slice sequence there's a 3D effect layered over the lights on the panels behind Blair and Angel. Alas, it's nearly imperceivable in the final...
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    Creature effects from Wing Commander 3

    The credits are listed in some of the manuals (and probably in the game itself as well). The Kilrathi suits are credited to Precision Effects. There are several suit technicians and operators listed there...
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    Superb Titles From the WC Movie (February 24, 2023)

    Going from memory it's a little bit odd. It almost seems like one of the Kilrathi/Confed capships switches sides somewhere in the edit. I don't know if that was intentional or if they were just padding out the previs fleets and never intended them to be on that side. Regardless, the...
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    Superb Titles From the WC Movie (February 24, 2023)

    The evolution of these during production is interesting. The approach to the claw doesn't really change much at all, except that nearly every cut save for the final calls it the C.S.S. Tiger Claw. Most of the preliminary titles are also green instead of blue The Concordia Battle Group...
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    WC Prophecy: Controller ReMapping?

    There's no need to apologize. And were here - if for nothing else - to help out fans enjoy their WC games. I'm glad you got it working. At the very least someone might see it and realize their own solution so it's never for nothing.
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    BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander LP Inbound (December 29, 2022)

    Unless I missunderstood something this is just a vinyl release of the already existing Oldziey orchestral project. You can buy CDs and digial downloads from his site and if you never did that already, what are you waiting for? ;)
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    Back That Achilles Up (December 19, 2022)

    There's a couple spots in the WC movie where they used editing to try and make things seem bigger than they are... There's obviously the Rapiers during the scramble that you've already mentioned. The flight deck was filmed 'Titanic' style where they built half of it and then mirrored it using...
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    Does anyone remember that show? AWC

    I don't know if frequency was the biggest issue, but of course a less ambitious time table could be one of the tools needed to get back in the swing of things. The bigger things at play for the hiatus were personal things combined with Covid restrictions. I think some kind of project though has...
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    SNES Secret Missions Preview Highlights Game's Improvements (November 19, 2022)

    The cover of this issue also calls it "Wing Commander 2". Captain America is a WC fan apparently
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    WCProphecyHDPack Install Insert CD 1 probelm

    Almost certainly. Similarly to if you wanted to use the model update pack, you would unpack the WEP into your prophecy directory (but don't run the installer), apply the openGL patch and then finally copy over the updated DLL. Let me know if that gets you up and running.
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    Star Citizen Commemorates First Decade of Development with WC Easter Egg (October 10, 2022)

    I'd be surprised if that's even a new video. It's pretty lite on spoilers honestly... there's no dialogue so nothing is really in context for it to be really a spoiler at all. The first two min or so are things weve seen in various ISC videos over the last two years, and the various face tech...