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  1. Whiplash

    Dune 2021 movie

    I read the book fairly regualrly, and even though the emperor doesn't have a huge amount of "page time", I think you can play him a lot more nuanced than "stubborn old man". He cuts something of a tragic and lonely figure in my view. He is ostensibly the ruler of a vast empire spanning thousands...
  2. Whiplash

    Top Gun: Maverick

    Howdy folks, Surprised there isn't a thread on this already. Given we all enjoying things that fly and go pew pew, and that the film shares a name with our favourite blue-hair protagonist, what did you think of Top Gun: Maverick? Not going to do a detailed breakdown here, but suffice it to say...
  3. Whiplash

    The orville

    I just started a day or so ago. Pilot was okay but not amazing. Will keep it up for a bit though.
  4. Whiplash

    Dune 2021 movie

    He's going to make a fantastic Feyd. I'm a bit less excited about Chris Walken as the Emperor, but will be happy to be proven wrong.
  5. Whiplash

    New 3D Thread

    That looks mega!
  6. Whiplash

    Incredible Dralthi Model Construction Complete (March 29, 2022)

    This is outstanding work. Fine details make all the difference and you have them in abundance. Very well done indeed!
  7. Whiplash

    New 3D Thread

    Quite a good result for that side and shape! Will look very decent once you've cleaned up the excess material.
  8. Whiplash

    New 3D Thread

    One of my absolute favourite WC fighters of all time. Looks great!
  9. Whiplash

    Mandalorian/WC Connection

    Huh. Well they had me fooled. Mark is even shown in the episode credits. I assumed they just did some de-aging on his voice.
  10. Whiplash

    Go For a Quick Excalibur Run (January 27, 2022)

    Can't disagree on the Rapier II; it is a gorgeous ship. I have a soft spot for the Hellcat for some reason, bland though it may be. I like the no-nonsense look.
  11. Whiplash

    Go For a Quick Excalibur Run (January 27, 2022)

    Given that the design of the WC3 ships was apparently limited by the ability to represent them in 3D (hence all the flat surfaces), they sure came up with some great designs. Arrow and Hellcat V also count among my all-time favourite ships. On the Kirathi side, Dralthi IV and Vaktoth are also...
  12. Whiplash

    Go For a Quick Excalibur Run (January 27, 2022)

    Very nicely done! This is truly an iconic ship.
  13. Whiplash

    BREAKING NEWS: Enhanced & Extended Wing Commander 1 Sound Track Released! (January 14, 2022)

    Gave it a listen yesterday. Hits right in the nostalgia feelz! Very good indeed.
  14. Whiplash

    Dune 2021 movie

    That's great news! Pity about the time though, now we have to wait two more years to see the rest.
  15. Whiplash

    Dune 2021 movie

    Well, rather than a director's cut, let's rather call it an extended edition. The LOTR trilogy is a good example. The theatrical versions are already fantastic, but for those who absolutely want to see every bit of footage and don't mind the extra run time, the extended editions just add some...
  16. Whiplash

    Dune 2021 movie

    Interesting point! All the way through the film and afterwards I was thinking about specific scenes or story beats that were left out, and there aren't many. The dinner scene of course is a big one that came to my mind as well. Whether or not it detracts from the film is debatable. In the book...
  17. Whiplash

    Dune 2021 movie

    Absolutely loved it. Spectacular film and faithful to the book in all the important aspects. You really need to see this in IMAX if possible.
  18. Whiplash

    More Love for Stylish Ships (October 21, 2021)

    Daaaayum, Rapier II is a sexy ship. These look absolutely stunning.
  19. Whiplash

    Facelifting PGG

    I love PGG dearly; even tried my hand at replacing the static heads with animated ones at one stage. Didn't get very far though. Interestingly enough, many of the visual assets and fx (cockpits, jump points, explosions etc) are kept in the game folder and can very easily be edited or replaced...
  20. Whiplash

    Happy Birthday Mark Hamill! (September 25, 2021)

    Happy birthday Colonel Blair! What a legend.