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    wing commander segacd/speech

    This would be one of many mods I've love to see: -Wing Commander 1: Speech, Kilrathi Saga music bug fix, more music added to Kilrathi Saga, missing graphics etc. -Wing Commander 3: Add in the deleted scenes that were in the 3DO version
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    a new wing commander

    I want this new WC game to take a huge risk! For once, the player loses. We're on a carrier, on the edge of space where the Kilrathi have come up with a hugely horrible plan for humanity. If they follow it through it'll be massive. Thanks to the struggle of a few brave pilots (and their...
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    I'd like to make a donation.

    Sounds great. Who should I contact to sort this out and get it posted?
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    I'd like to make a donation.

    Sounds good. I was thinking a fun contest might be a 'round-robin' Armada tournament or perhaps an Academy Simulator competition. Give all the wing nuts something to aim and train for. However I'm worried access to Armada/Academy might restrict things. I know it would for me personally, I...
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    I'd like to make a donation.

    After rumaging through some old stuff, I've come across a little collection of sealed Kilrathi starter decks from the Wing Commander Card Game. I'd like to donate them to the CIC. I've been a very strong Wing Commander fan since I got my first sound card back in 1991. I played the game to...
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    I don't share the shining hope and optimism

    I've considered that. Given how many awesome games are on GBA. Especially PC conversions.
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    I don't share the shining hope and optimism

    I gave up on a handheld Wing Commander when I couldn't get it to run on my Pocket PC. And PSPs here in Australia are just too damn expensive.
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    Knew GameTap was too good to be true.

    You need to be in the US to use it.... very stupid for an Internet service but awell.
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    What does Blair say just before he fired the T-Bomb?

    Big super weapon is used to blow up a a both shows.
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    Pronunciations of Kilrathi

    I always thought Cobra said Kil-ra-they. Or something similar. Never onced worried about it, was quite clear it was her accent. As an aussie, "rah" is going to show up before "ra". Some American accented actors often said "Kil-ra-thee" as opposed to "Kil-Rah-Thee". Difference? None. It's the...
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    What does Blair say just before he fired the T-Bomb?

    Yeah I've always assumed it to be something like that. Just wondering if that's what I've heard all these years.
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    What does Blair say just before he fired the T-Bomb?

    When referring to the cut-scene showing the Kilrah run (only one some versions of the game), what does Blair say as he fires it? It's said just after a Kilrathi taunts him (Die, you furless freak!).
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    Hawk's Background

    Don't quote me exactly but I'm POSITIVE someone said that Hawk was working in the comm room or the 'tower' on the flight deck or something like that. So Jazz would have omitted him since he wasn't a pilot at the time.
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    FMVs from 3 & 4?

    You can extract them from the game yourself. If you don't own a copy of the games, then it's not taboo to send them, it's just illegal.
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    Starfleet Academy.

    I recenently aquired the DVD version (from the same person who gave me the WC4 DVD). Anyway it requires a DVD player with MPEG 2 decoder. I figured that'd be any. It skips any movies in the game. I checked the DVD and they are not VOBs, most of them are MVE. I tried downloading a couple things...
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    Just one of those things you find on the corner of the net... Got a chuckle out of me. We all know what ytmnd is like. For those who don't know it... well.... brace yourselves. But this one is scare free. Then I found this..... haha ah what can ya do.
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    Wc4 Dvd

    Doesn't really make a difference. My US copy works here in Australia.
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    Dralthi, Drakhris, and other things

    Maybe some are simply meant to replace each other. Much like the Tiger Claw is still the Tiger's Claw we knew from the games.
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    Flight Helmets

    Sorry just offtopic slightly for one moment, how did they come about making the movie helmets? I heard here a while ago that the flightsuits were actually ski outfits or something.
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    Vectored Thrust, Aerodynamics, Cloaking

    And that's why they used the term "sustained operations". It can fly but can't operate. They can hover fine, at slow speeds they can keep in the air but at high speeds they'll be forcing themselves through the air. Since they were designed for space they lack the aerodynamics aircraft have. They...