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  1. Edfilho

    Complete WC GOG fixes and tweaks

    Hey, all I was futzing around with wing commander 1 GOG with the included conf file, and the core cycles setting is either too high or too low. 4000 runs fine anywhere except when enemy ships show up, then it get SLOW. But it's only when the ships are directly onscreen, so manually adjusting...
  2. Edfilho

    Complete WC GOG fixes and tweaks

    Hya folks, I installed the Priv2 patch over my GoG copy, and it gave me a weird error (i did fix the game location at the .fix file) Please, are there any clues on how to fix that? Thanks!
  3. Edfilho

    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    Am I the only one who really loved the Banshee in WC4? It's easily one of my top 3 favorite light fighters.
  4. Edfilho

    Wcdx - Kilrathi Saga for modern Windows

    This is amazing, and I'm super ultra thankful that you made this patch. I honestly have a nicer time playing KS WC1 on my modern PC than DOSB0x+original WC because the game speed never works quite right for some reason. This patch just made me all excited about replaying WC1 again!
  5. Edfilho

    Complete WC GOG fixes and tweaks

    Hi, I've got WC2 running with MT-32 Music and SoundBlaster speech, but the sound effects are Pc Speaker. Is there a way to have Roland music and SB sound effects? Thanks EDIT: And nevermind, got it fixed
  6. Edfilho

    Chris Roberts derailed Wing Commander?

    The person who wrote all that is just nuts.
  7. Edfilho

    PC Gamer mentions our favorite game

    I think that fact is that we remain WC-less, at least on the PC, the series home platform. The Xbox game was a nice diversion, but it fell pretty short of a full WC game like W1, 2, priv, so on. I mean, the best thing about it, universe-wise, was the manual. Sure, EA payed for most of the WC...
  8. Edfilho

    Origin Games in DOS

    Speaking based on my own experience here, I find it's much easier to run any DOS WC games on DOSBox then trying to fiddle with real "DOS era hardware"... Especially now that even keeping those old cards and stuff alive is getting harder. Once you have the dosbox config down to a pat, it's just a...
  9. Edfilho

    I wish EA signed up all Origin's games on this service

    Oh, I know there is realistically ZERO chance of EA signing up to that. It's just a pipe dream. The service looks pretty good, anyway, and most of those Interplay games are very good. I do own most of them already.
  10. Edfilho

    Self Sustained Power?

    There is something called "email", completely outside the sphere of influence of
  11. Edfilho

    I wish EA signed up all Origin's games on this service

    This GOG thing seems to be all kinds of awesome. Older games for 6 and 10 bucks without DRM and fully Vista and XP compatible with post-sale support. Man, That would be awesome.
  12. Edfilho

    The third ending?

    well, You can always take the Dragon on that mission. It helps a lot. And missile evasion is a very important skill in WC4 (the hardest "main game" in the series, IMO).
  13. Edfilho

    The third ending?

    Nah, it's just a two out of three situation. I actually never flashpack Ella, becuase 1) it's just wrong and 2) "outrun Ella" is the greatest mission in the game. Beating it is the move of a true master (eheheheh).
  14. Edfilho

    The third ending?

    As posted above you, you probably sided with Panther in the other 2 choices.
  15. Edfilho

    Starship Simulation Games

    There is Nexus, in the "RTS" dept.
  16. Edfilho

    A Playtester's Guide (July 2, 2008)

    I agree with most of his gameplay complaints. Trading was useless, ships, weapons and equipment were not balanced at all, the random jump-ins were unacceptable, most enemies were too easy while a few were impossible, obscure and imbalanced side-missions, everything. I think that dude nailed...
  17. Edfilho

    School's Out!!

    I feel so damn old. You kids get off of my lawn! <shakes fist>
  18. Edfilho


    The creature creator is really fun.
  19. Edfilho

    Trivia Questions

    Wow, that's all I can say. Thanks for showing up!
  20. Edfilho

    Prophecy High Res Patch Upgraded For Vista (May 13, 2008)

    The High Res patch isn't very widescreen friendly. Especially considering it uses glide. Better to use HCl's movie fix and the OpenGL patch provided by the UE guys.