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  1. elend

    Updated WC3 Excalibur Cinematic Model Print

    Oh that's looking really neat! Now you ought to paint and weather it. :D
  2. elend

    3D Printing 3D models (3d studio, etc.)

    Was just seeing this today. This looks like one of the best 3D prints, I have seen so far. It's a bit hard to tell, though, how much sanding was involved to get the surfaces as smooth as they look on the tiny pictures. Really great paintjob as well.
  3. elend

    Morningstar 3D Print Demonstrates Expert Craftsmanship (December 27, 2020)

    Very well done. Awesome model, that is even more impressive considering it's 3D printed. Most 3D prints I am seeing have this rough surface, which looks really odd, especially in smaller models. This looks almost like a Resin cast. Great paint job and detailing as well.
  4. elend

    Mark Knight Talks Wing Commander & Game Audio (December 6, 2020)

    Yeah, when I accidentally got the CD³² version of Wing Commander and noticed it actually ran in 256 colors, I was totally amazed. Add to this the 68020 in the CD³², some Fast-Ram and you've got yourself quite a perfect version of WC.
  5. elend

    Improve Your State of Being With Wing Commander Music (November 4, 2020)

    That surf theme is amazing, I still love this immensely. Thanks for the other links, I have not encountered that WC2 remaster by Jason Walton.
  6. elend

    Slick 3D Printed Arrow Readies for Paint (November 5, 2020)

    That is a really nice looking 3D print. Very smooth. Can't wait to see this one painted.
  7. elend

    A New Poll for a New Generation (November 21, 2020)

    Yeah, where the heck is "PC"? I'd prefer it to be available for the PC, but oh well, I am not really yearning for a new / modern WC. The only thing I care for is "Wingleader" by Howie Day. *sigh*
  8. elend

    Lego Dralthi With a Side of Orange Flair (November 23, 2020)

    That is looking very cool!
  9. elend

    meet the poster

    Congratulations, man!
  10. elend

    Logos for Entire Series Vectorized! (October 11, 2020)

    Well I worked from the original Logos of course as a reference. The ships in the Arena logo I painstakingly re-created from an upscaled version of the logo. They are definitely not 100 % accurate, but look good enough on normal sizes. Just don't print the logo 10 meters in width. :p The...
  11. elend

    Whats about the Wingleader Project ??

    Yes, I would be very, very, very much interested in this as well. Unfortunately it seems to be on a (temporary?!) hiatus. Let's hope Howie can get back to this one day, because this is one of the most exciting things I have seen recently.
  12. elend

    Early Rev of Nintendo Power Comic Revealed (October 13, 2020)

    That is pretty cool. Always happy to see more videogame history emerging and being preserved.
  13. elend

    Logos for Entire Series Vectorized! (October 11, 2020)

    @Wedge009 Can you check this out and see if it works without problems? Then I might be able to send you all of them in .SVG if you want.
  14. elend

    Epic Find: 35mm Wing Commander (October 9, 2020)

    Yeah, hold the celluloid against the sky and take a snap, will ya? :D
  15. elend

    Wing Commander 3 Enhanced Video Pack 2.0 Released! (October 11, 2020)

    So, while the WC IV and Prophecy videos looked amazing in their own right, the WC3 quality really surprises me the most. The source quality is so low-res and compressed, that it's almost pure magic, that it upscaled like it did. Good job, would love to re-play WC3 with those videos in the game.
  16. elend

    Fancy New Animation Project Revealed! (October 11, 2020)

    That looks really awesome! Now, when's the first season gonna come out? :p
  17. elend

    Logos for Entire Series Vectorized! (October 11, 2020)

    Oh well, the source is in .cdr because I am working in Corel Draw unfortunately. I can send you those, if you like. I can also try to export to .svg but I did have mixed results so far. Maybe my current CDR version works better, though. Gonna try this later at home and will report back!
  18. elend

    Welcome! (October 11, 2020)

    Wondering what that might be, because it looks very cool!
  19. elend

    Supersize Your Wingleader Creations (September 7, 2020)

    Hah, if only I had known that you use my little blurb in Discord in the actual news post, I would have written something more eloquent.
  20. elend

    The Galacticats: my new webcomic

    I like the name Galacticats. I hope you can show us something very soon.