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  1. Sylvester

    Strike Commander Intro Recreated in DCS

    This was a neat find:
  2. Sylvester

    New 3D Thread

    1. I love everything you're doing Klavs! 2. I find it funny that the "new" 3D Thread goes back 11 years...
  3. Sylvester

    Ultima VI Intro Provides Glimpse at TV Feature Proposed for WC2 (December 5, 2022)

    A bit off from the original post topic - but after reading the initial script - was Hunter supposed to be shot down by the Stealths in the "mission 0" (red shirt reference) which is why there are no eyewitnesses for Blair?
  4. Sylvester

    Intrepid's role at the end of WC4

    Indeed - I looked back at some of my very old AAO posts once upon a time when the forums were still active and I saw how cringey my early designs on it were. A few years later I came up with a design for a post-WC4 standard fleet carrier to complement the Midway and Vesuvius-class ships and I...
  5. Sylvester

    Intrepid's role at the end of WC4

    Was it a matter of rushed development that they didn't want to necessarily build sets that matched more to the WC2 interiors or was it a matter of not being able to do a reasonable 3d model for the Concordia?
  6. Sylvester

    Intrepid's role at the end of WC4

    Indeed - hence Ohlander's description of the Vesuvius. I think he writes it as two cigar-shaped launch bays attached to a central body and well blended, which in my mind's eye I pictured as something like a Wing Commander take on a Battlestar, vice the (quite large) but relatively conventional...
  7. Sylvester

    WC3 Uniforms

    Unfortunately the Service Dress Khaki re-boot was shelved - not making a comeback anytime soon.
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    What do you HATE (or at least dislike) in each Wing Commander game?

    Yeah I'm reading the novelization for the first time now and it's jarring at how different it is in spots, but understandable if you realize that it was written with a very early version of the script as they wanted the game and novel out around the same time. And then the game slipped to Feb of...
  9. Sylvester

    Intrepid's role at the end of WC4

    At the end of the game, we see Intrepid becoming a training carrier. In the final scene, Blair's back with Confederation patches on his flight suit, which Maniac and the rookies also have. But it also appears that *Panther* is wearing Confed patches as well on her flight suit. Was the UBW Navy...
  10. Sylvester

    What do you HATE (or at least dislike) in each Wing Commander game?

    Not to necro too old a thread, but having just replayed WC4, I think my biggest complaint is Tolwyn - hardass Admiral is one thing, but descending from that into full on Space Hitler is another. I'm not saying he shouldn't have been the villain - but him plotting to stage a coup because he...
  11. Sylvester

    WC3 Uniforms

    You know, the fact that WC3 was originally supposed to be set in the late 2370s makes a lot more sense in terms of the design aesthetic and general mood. I remember as a kid, playing WC3 for the first time was a bit of a shock because I had finished SO2 thinking things were still in Confed's...
  12. Sylvester

    Rachel's Rank

    Is it ever officially established that Rachel is a Chief Petty Officer? I know she's referred to as "Chief" but that could be just a slang term for the chief of the deck or the maintenance chief. I say this having never read the Wing Commander 3 novelization so I don't know if it was in there or...
  13. Sylvester

    Excalibur in Tamayo ejection.

    Got through the first two waves but then a Dralthi nailed me with a missile.
  14. Sylvester

    Excalibur in Tamayo ejection.

    So Mac's Excalibur video inspired me to do another replay of WC3. I'm in the Tamayo system and I took Rachel's offer to let me fly the Excalibur for Tamayo II. Early on in the mission I get badly damaged by the Vaktoths so I decided to eject so I could restart. This is where I discovered that...
  15. Sylvester

    New Lore Vid Follows the Tarawa's Adventures (January 19, 2022)

    This is really cool - the only thing that stuck out to me was Intrepid being a Sheffield-class. I had always imagined her as a Gilgamesh-class.
  16. Sylvester

    What happened to Blair?

    So was there supposed to be more to what happened to Blair when he was taken prisoner? Was he supposed to come back to the Midway brainwashed or something to that effect where he would then betray Confed at the appropriate time (kinda like the ear worms in ST II)?
  17. Sylvester

    Christopher Blair Preps for Wing Leader Appearance (June 22, 2021)

    Man that render looks awesome! Can't wait to see it. Just a canon note - Blair was actually still a Lieutenant Colonel at this time - the Box Art from WC2 which shows his trial (never shown in-game) has him wearing silver oak leafs:
  18. Sylvester

    WC Uprez Unity3d Doodle! (Heavy GIF Use, Mobile Users Beware!)

    So @Howard Day is this supposed to be an assignment Angel gets instead of transferring to the Austin to be her squadron commander (as referenced in SM2)? I really love everything about this and the Tolmacs design is excellent.
  19. Sylvester

    Are there other "space carrier" novels out there with not too much "weird" elements but instead grounded military sci-fi?

    Absolutely absolutely recommend Glynn Stewart. The Castle Federation series is awesome, and has some obvious nods to Wing Commander in it. His other series (Duchy of Terra, Peacekeepers of Sol, Exiles) are excellent as well.
  20. Sylvester

    Wcdx - Kilrathi Saga for modern Windows

    Random question - is Goliath still working on the Sprite Upgrade project?