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    I've Created a WC4 HD Video Pack

    I stumbled across this not knowing the prior game FMV sequences had also been remastered and are available for download. Suffice to say, very impressive and a blast to watch to bring back all the memories of playing the games for the first time. Many thanks!
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    GOG Sales Update (June 24, 2011)

    Where do they post the rankings? I'd love to see the whole list...
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    WC3KS video crash with DDHACK

    I wonder if GOG will use the KS version for their WC releases and if so will utilize this...
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    BREAKING NEWS: Praise GOG (June 2, 2011)

    Greatly looking forward to the rest of the WC series. Hopefully they are able to use the DVD video version of WC4 and the up-converted videos for WC Prophecy
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    BREAKING NEWS: Privateer on GOG (June 2, 2011)

    Not included at launch, but GOG does a great job at throwing bonus material in and usually give it for free to those who purchased the game already
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    WC vs. History: Striking While the Eisen is Hot (May 26, 2011)

    RIP Jason Bernard, taken from us too soon.
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    Wing Commander IV DVD & Windows 7

    OK, I totally geeked out my setup. I was getting the same errors as mentioned here even with the patches (Vista Home Premium SP2) so I burned a copy of the VOBs off on a DVD and threw it in my PS3. The PS3 can play the files (and up-converts them) along with playing on my HDTV w/ surround...
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    The WC4 'Price Of Freedom' Movie Project

    After watching the first five minutes, this movie lit a fire in me to play the full game again... great job. Any kind soul out there willing to post this movie as a burnable .iso so we can watch it on our DVD home theater systems?
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    CIC Clothing

    Ah, sorry for the confusion
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    CIC Clothing

    Any possibility of posing some pictures of the merch so we can take a look?
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    Wing IV DVD-ROM

    The latest version is PowerDVD v. 5 and can be found at
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    Wing IV DVD-ROM

    Yes I did, up until you have to make a choice during an interactive movie sequence.... when you choose path A or B in the movie the game (PowerDVD helping decode) gets confused and throws a "cannot find movie "X"" error. This is using PowerDVD version 4 with the upgrade released in Jan 2003. I...
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    Wing IV DVD-ROM

    Thanks, I'll give it a shot.... by the way the link you have is wrong, the actual link for the VideoLan software is
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    Wing IV DVD-ROM

    No, but Wing IV is using Power DVD to help decode the video sequences... I am running just Wing IV, but I can use Power DVD to watch the video sequences outside of the game...
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    Wing IV DVD-ROM

    Upon further review, I have found that Power DVD gets confused by the Movie Tree structure of the interactive movie portions of Wing IV. The movie files on the DVD are not all in exact sequence as you can choose one option or the other and if the option you choose is not the exact next file in...
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    Wing IV DVD-ROM

    I downloaded the newest patch for Power DVD and it plays most of the movies in game, there are a few points in the game (such as the movies with choices) that it screws up and says movie not available. For those trying to play it in windows xp and get an error as the game starts, I fixed this...
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    Wing IV DVD-ROM

    I got the DVD in the mail today, the movie and audio quality are unbelievable! I am playing them in Power DVD as the DXR3 decoder is in the mail to my house at this moment. This brings back a flood of good memories and Wing IV has never looked so good!
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    Wing IV DVD-ROM

    There were a few good DVD-ROM games... Wing IV of course, then Tex Murphy Overseer was released (not as good as the previous ones, but good) then Myst 2 or 3 were released on DVD continued with Journeyman Project 3 and finally the last one I saw was a version of Baulder's Gate on DVD to do away...
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    Wing IV DVD-ROM

    Which OS would be suggested to have the game running in optimal performance? I had a friend who tried running it in XP with the DXR2 decoder board and none of the video sequences were working...
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    Wing IV DVD-ROM

    If anybody can find a link to the patch... if it exists, please post it!