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    Lack of smilies, or: Overseriousity

    Yes you can.
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    Too many drinking comps, can;t focus

    Caffreys, the best beer ever brewed. Far superior to Guiness. In terms of soft drinks, I love my apple juice. When has my typing (other than this post) has been any less than immaculate, barring the odd spelling mistake?
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    Idea for a fan project.

    It is? Man I heard about that game only when it wasn't being published any more, where do I get it from. As for the MUSH idea, sounds great, go for it.
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    Never Too Busy For Greatest Game Polls (November 3, 2005)

    WC4 or Deus Ex? Arrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh! If I vote Deus ex will people think any less of me?
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    Pick Your Upgrade Path (October 29, 2005)

    Hahaha! That's a good one. Who wants to bet that this guy is a 12 year old with no life (he does like watching paint dry). Good riddance! On topic, I went with 3GHZ and 1Gb of Ram. The recommend specs for a lot of new games is approaching that now, and seeing as unless anyone knows better...
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    Aces Club?

    That's very mean of him.
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    Church of the Read Breast Scambait Hahahaha! Man this is one great scambait.
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    Too many drinking comps, can;t focus

    Sorry guys:( . With regards to the choosing this board, it's one of my regular ones, and I wasn't quite thinking, or standing straight last night. I'll never surf the net after a night out ever again. That's not true. I had to concentrate very hard not to bash three keys at a time, besides, my...
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    Too many drinking comps, can;t focus

    Man, that was a great night out, and I'm suprised I can read what I'm typing. This is the last time I type when moderatley tipsy. A curry, rice, poppadoms, naan, and a drink all for a fiver, bargain. Leaves plenty of money for drinking comps. Mmmm, curry.
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    Freespace series

    I remeber Descent without such fond memories. I think I first played it when I was around 7, and played it solidly for a whole day, only stopping to eat, sleep, and go to the toilet. The next day I had the worst headache I have ever had in my whole life, it hurt to move. It took about a week to...
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    Greetings ....

    You're a woman:eek: ? Man you learn something new everyday, welcome to the forums cowgirlACE
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    Prophecy Files

    Trouble with emailing you the files, is that they are probably quite large, and so you will need an email provider who will allow you to upload large attachments. Not only that, a large amount of time would be taken uploading such files as the upstream speeds of ADSL are much lower than the...
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    Pick Your Favorite Sibling (October 1, 2005)

    I've never played any of those games. Which one would you recommend.
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    Python eat Croc

    Ha ha! Yeah, I suppose it is.
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    Python eat Croc

    I heard about that, on my birthday. HEhehe, a python eats a croc on my birthday. What are the odds of that?
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    Favorite Space Fighters

    I like the demon in PR, but I think the centurion is generally better for most mercenary purposes. Anyways mine are: 1. Centurion 2. Arrow 3. That fighter on the front of the Prophecy box 4. Eagle (In Freelancer, very potent with nomad weapons) 5. Er, Death Star? (If you can't guess where this...
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    New website online

    Very swanky. Well done.
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    Who knows how to work with lazarus?

    Pascal is an excellent language to learn to start off with, as it was designed to teach people how to program. Surely it makes sense to start by learning a programming language that was designed to teach people programming and the basic concepts?