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    WCP Video Cutscene Skipping Solution Fix

    As far as my SoundBlaster Live! goes, no. There's no option for duplex.
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    Problem with WC3

    Ah, this works, this thread really helps. I was having the same problem with mine and it IS the soundcard! I run on a SoundBlaster Live! which has these specs for the resources: Interrupt Request: 9 Input/Output Range: 1000-101F Now there is an option for 9 for an IRQ and 0 for a DMA...
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    Kilrathi Saga purchase

    Thing is, I'll probably end up being one of those suckers to fork over the $150+ on eBay. The only thing I kick myself for is not knowing that Kilrathi Saga even existed until it was too late. But it was released in '97 right? A year before WCP? Was it taken off the shelves that quickly?
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    Kilrathi Saga purchase

    Does anyone remember what the actual RETAIL price was for Kilrathi Saga? What I don't understand is why Origin stopped selling KS in the first place! The fact that it does go for so much on eBay should hint them in to something, if they're even paying attention.
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    Running WC3 on modern pc

    I'm having a problem with WC3 that's video related. I guess it could be speed related too but since the game itself plays fine I'm pretty sure it's not the issue. Here are my system specs: 700 Mhz Athlon nVidia GForce4 MX 440 video card SoundBlaster Live! sound card 256 MB of RAM 48X...
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    WCP Video Cutscene Skipping Solution Fix

    I had this problem. I run on a SoundBlaster Live! sound card, and I'm not sure it will work with other sound cards but here are the steps I take to solve the problem and it works 100% of the time: 1. Click on My Computer 2. Click on Control Panel 3. Click on Multimedia 4. The audio tab is...