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    Pioneer Gets New Graphics (March 15, 2007)

    When I look at the pictures the thing that comes to mind is that the work like it is being produced by a professional who is passionate about their work. (In care you are wondering that's as good as it gets in my books...) If I were to say that it looks fantastic it would be an honest comment...
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    A quick note regarding Win2k and Standoff

    Stability... Hi PopsiclePete, I've tried setting the Win95 compatibility tab and not setting it. I get some crashing either way... My impression is that the simulator is more stable than the missions but both crash now and then. The game itself is fantastic. (Hard, but fantastic!)...
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    A quick note regarding Win2k and Standoff

    Hi Popsicle Pete, Thanks for your message. My OS is as follows: Windows 2000 Version 5.0 Build 2195 Service Pack 4 I checked my shortcut again and now there is a compatability tab! I honestly don't understand this. There were only three tabs when I installed and now I see four. So, I guess...
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    A quick note regarding Win2k and Standoff

    Hi criticalmass, generally I did follow Quarto's advice in the FAQ linked above. One exception is that I was unable to find a "windows 95 compatability mode" in the shortcut I created for Standoff. (Perhaps I'm blind!) I had lots of crashing in the early part of the first episode but less...
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    A quick note regarding Win2k and Standoff

    Hi Everyone, As someone who is still running Win2k I have to admit that I've faced some frustration trying to get standoff to run. It seems to be better than it was but I'm still getting lots of crashing in the missions. For anyone who is undergoing frustration regarding Win2k and Standoff...
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    some more wct screens

    The pictures look fantastic. Really, they do... I'd offer suggestions for improvement but I have nothing to offer. Great work. Floater
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    New Paint Schemes!

    Howard, It would be nice to compare the ship textures with a background... I'm very impressed with the visuals, the ships look they have been made by an experienced, talented professional. I like the dark texture the best (the one you posted on 08-16-2005, 22:46) however the contrast...
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    2650 Landreich Sector Map

    Hi Brad, Thanks for getting back to me. I was mistaken in thinking that Howard's contribution was more focussed on the game engine, structure of the campaign and storyline and that you had taken on the models and visuals for the models. I'm guessing that Howard is a very busy guy...
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    2650 Landreich Sector Map

    Features Question I like the notion of fewer systems with more content in the system. I figured that this was choice you were making to reduce the need for a jump drive in small ships. When I first heard that Pioneer is set in the WC1 era my first thought was that there will not be any...
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    Unable to launch Prophecy in Win 2K

    Hi Chris, I don't have the patch so that is probably the problem. I'll try it out. I do have the secret ops download but I figured that it would make sense to install each portion of the program/expansion/mod and verify that it works at each step. Thank you very much for the post and...
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    Unable to launch Prophecy in Win 2K

    I reinstalled prophesy recently. (I'm hoping to run Standoff...) Anyway it crashes to desktop soon after I launch it. The message reads: prophecy.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created. I get the message...
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    Buggy jumps. Game crashes. help is appreciated!

    I had very similar problem. I had completed the remake using PR1.0 downloaded from the Privateer Remake -> Download link. I never had a crash with Privateer Remake 1.0. I installed WCU on top. The game would crash whenever I tried to jump to New Detroit and sometimes it would crash when...
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    WC:U intro movie

    Undisputably Fantastic!
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    Torpedo runs in WC2

    Regarding WC2 Torpedo Missions Lots of people are suggesting firing from close in. That is good advise but your shields will take a beating. My experience is that the flak is directed towards your ship and not the torpedo. If you turn your ship 90 from the target immediately after you...
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    Poll -- take two

    This is not a democratic institution. WCU is an open source volunteer project. As such, the contributors drive the project. If you don't like something in it then, since it is open source, change it! If you don't feel the need to change it then you are not willing to make the contribution...
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    Crash to Desktop

    Thanks for the Reply I thought I had recent WCU files... Anyway, I'll try the reinstall... thanks again! Floater
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    Crash to Desktop

    As a quick update... I downloaded the latest drivers for the video card and that seems to help. I have seen Kilrathi however I appear to be unable to jump to New Detroit... Any suggestions? Floater
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    Crash to Desktop

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem in that the game often crashes to desktop. Thus far the crashing occurs either when autopiloting to a nav buoy or just after jumping. I have had no problems with the Privateer Remake, only WCU. Also, the problem does not appear to be location dependent. The...
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    So, do you like the new jump bubbles?

    Jump Points Spirit, I really the look of the jump points. They seem both high tech and mystical at the same time. (And yes, they are a little bright.) Floater
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    Privateer and Righteous Fire Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I played the original game but I recall that the best reactor you could get for a Centurion in Privateer was level 3 but in Righteous Fire the Centurion would support a level 5 reactor. Given that the game is open source it...