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    WC1 remake thread

    i do like to rock the boat, meant nowt by it. fun to see how people react mind.
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    WC1 remake thread

    yawn. Look mommy, that boy has a red bike too, I don't like him having a red bike it looks like my red bike. I want to be the only one with a red bike. *stamp stamp, hissy fit* I do love the real world of ripping people off, especially when no copyrighting precendents exist. Sure, there is...
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    WC2 WCKS - cutscenes too fast

    tis indeed a strange thing. Never had it running too fast. Just turning like a slug if I used the keyboard to fly the thing. Pah
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    WC2 WCKS - cutscenes too fast

    now if only someone could fix it so you could play WC2 KS with the keyboard.......
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    Dare I say a a new Wing Commander comic?

    I must say that in my forces experience I only met or two hot looking women. It's a strange thing but they almost entirely looked like GI Jane and her seriously uglier sister. Make her a little more ugly.
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    Flight Helmets

    I agree, if you can ship for a reasonable price it would be an excellent novelty item, especially when I have a party where everyone wears a helmet. Ahh, I remember when we last had one, I had my army kevlar one on, my mate had my Moto-X one and some guy had my skater helmet on. Not so good when...
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    15 Years of Wing Commander - What Was Your First Time Like?

    ah, I remember it like it were yesterday. It was the early nineties and I was well into teh ultima games, they were what I wanted to play. My mate John down the road always had the sparkliest new computers cos his dad was a doctor and he had WC2 and a pirate copy of 1. The only password we knew...
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    LEGO Longbow and clay Arrow

    I used to make ships of out of lego too and then put a firecracker inside them and set up the video camera. It was good fun. Then I got some steel tubing from school. I made an aluminium plug with a hole to stick the fuse through and then made some projectiles out of turned aluminium. Very very...
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    Panic ensues in rush for cheap laptops (pictures)

    maybe they hold their value well but is that cos they are amazing or cos they get better an a slower rate than anything else. I am not an artist or a musician looking to record my first album at home in my garage. My graphic designer uses a MAC to make things for us but she loses files when the...
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    How old is a Kilrathi?

    I know that discussions have been had about exactly how old blair is at any given time but does anyone know how old some of the kilrathi characters are meant to be and how long does a kilrathi live for, if he lives to old age? Thrakath was about in action stations and obviously up to the end of...
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    Nasa sued for damaging comet.

    8.11 Billion Roubles, whats that these days, like, enough to buy a loaf of bread or what
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    bomb crews

    So technically Tigers Claw old chap the character of dekker did begin life as a gunner in 2 as this was probably the first mention of the character, whichever one he was.
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    Morningstar-First Superfighter?

    one man's slug is another's superfigher and vice versa
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    bomb crews

    I know very little about the whole gunner thing but it took me a while to get my head around there being 3 other guys in a broadsword back in the day when I was playing 2. I was also astounded at how crap they were as well. If memory serves me correctly, and I hope it does, didn't dekker start...
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    Space: Aab

    Ah, yes, I remember that show, in fact I have a rather naughty copy of all the episodes on VCD. The quality is not all that good, being from Video tape and all but they are still fun to watch. But wait, I now have a dvd recorder, I could cook them off, if anyone is really desperate. I loved that...
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    Corpsman Up!

    they are hardcore indeed. I always find it interesting that often the highest honor a serving man can recieve happens when they die. My favourite of late is when Private Beharry got the Victoria Cross Private Beharry carried out two individual acts of great heroism by which he saved the...
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    Kilrathi Saga Prices

    talking of getting the originals to work. I am trying to WC2 to work on dosbox. I have a cd version that needs the cd to run. Can anyone help me with the lines I need to put in to run that cos it keeps crashing every time it goes to the cut sequences talking to bases and such
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    Kilrathi Saga Prices

    There are some cheap kilrathi sagas over here in the UK at the moment. Mine cost me the equivalent of $200, £120. There are some that are only at £21 if anyone is desperate.
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    Dr Who

    Well, one has to ask oneself, who would I rather fight, The kilrathi who love to hunt and kill and maim lots of humans. They blow up entire planets in WC3. However, they have traitors and poets and musicians, they have culture, something worth defending. They surrender. Or the daleks, they...
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    Dr Who

    there are many DVD's available on Amazon and such, well worth having!!!! I have to say thought, I prefer the daleks when Davros is about. He was the real route of all evil. Anyone who remembers genesis of the daleks will remember that. Or the one with the daleks and the strange funeral home...