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    Been a While...

    I remember how I got into this game. Kyran: I want mouse support! Edib: Make something and I'll add it. Kyran: Okay...
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    Kilrathi smell

    I don't normally visit the CIC forums, but when I do, I pick the weirdest threads. :D Keep up the good work, Aginor.
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    Perfect Plan Standalone Release

    Current Status: Coming Soon! Perfect Plan 1.2 Beta Perfect Plan 1.21 Patch (dated 13/01/2008) Perfect Plan 1.22 Alpha Patch (dated 10/01/2009, no idea if it even works)
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    More Tripe from the Blogosphere (February 19, 2011)

    I like what the guy said for number one: "This cartoon is actually pretty good. Intended for kids but with a few jokes thrown in for adults, the developers of the game had some say in the development of the anime." The number one worst cartoon based on a video game is pretty good? So that...
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    Frontier - Prelude to Darkness

    This is just awesome.
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    UE 2

    It's safe to say its frozen.
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    Wing Commander Standoff: Episode Five Released (August 11, 2009)

    Wow, there's a Kilrathi ~~~~ pilot on the first mission. That's completely unexpected.
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    Perfect Plan Standalone Release

    Just the model I made crashes the game. I've made a box and that worked, so I'll just have to test all the models I make while I'm making them instead of when I've finished. :) Yeah, Alliance pilot works fine.
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    Perfect Plan Standalone Release

    It's probably going to still be a while before the next release. I'm aiming to replace all the 3d models (so far I've been completely failing at getting my models to work in game), get custom cockpits for all flyable ships, gameflow encounters, and get all the characters voice acted. Characters...
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    Mission Editor update

    Hey wow, that does sound useful. It's rather sad that it required a front page mention for me to notice this. :D
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    How to get a girlfriend if you're a hopeless nerd.

    That such a wife exists for example. :D
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    New Flight Cmdr Adventure Game - April Fools

    Hey nice, I started out making IF with ADRIFT. Downside is it's shareware. I've since gone with Inform 7. Ha, Wing Commander Zork, please do.
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    How to get a girlfriend if you're a hopeless nerd.

    I wouldn't normally start a thread here (I believe this is my first here outside the Flight Commader section) but I've come across a Wing Commander reference that I think hasn't been posted here. It's also got...
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    Blair Looses it.

    That's an image I could have done without.
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    Name our Mars rover

    Woot, my name is going to mars!
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    Where to start

    Like AD said, Flight Commander is standalone and you can make a standalone game with it (which I'm pretty sure I've said already).
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    Where to start

    And Flight Commander isn't standalone? Check out Wing Commander Remake and Perfect Plan (my sig) are both standalone games based on Flight Commander.
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    Where to start

    Afraid I can't, Flight Commander is my area, not VegaStrike. It'd probably be best asking for help at the VegaStrike portal/forum/thingy if that's the route your going to take.
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    Where to start

    It sounds like what your trying to do is already happening. Check out Wing Commander Pioneer here. That's a pretty neat site, especially that girl who acts like she has a clue about what she's talking about. Image gallery? Heh. EDIT: Ah, you didn't personal make the layout, shame, it's really...
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    Where to start

    I don't really think the Vision engine would be the way to go. It's all complicated and difficult. :)