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    video problem

    WCU resets whatever configuration you had in Priv when it installs, so you have to run the "Setup Privateer" program again (the one that sets the video and sound stuff). Other than that, I have no idea.
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    relations won't turn better

    Kill lots of Retros and pirates when first starting out. At one point I was friendly with both the Kilrathi and Confed at the same time, because they both hate pirates (which I find rather odd actually).
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    Some bugs I noticed

    Found this line in stderr.txt "yzwCannot Open Mesh File jalthi.bfxm".
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    Some bugs I noticed

    Voyager? I guess a Drayman might look somewhat like Voyager if you squint really hard. Some jump points are just marked by buoys, no swirling sphere thingies (which is by design I think). What I found odd was the amazing invisible Jalthi. Evidently quite heavily armed for a ship that is...