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    Starcraft 2 Released (July 27, 2010)

    My very first impression of the game after a couple missions was, this in between mission area feels like wing commander. Glad I'm not the only one.
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    FB-202 "Ghoul" Long Range Fighter/Bomber

    very impressive, have you ever thought to post your work on cgtalk? Your work is getting good enough to show on their forums I think. Albeit your end product isn't going to be a high poly art model but a baked to texture for a lower poly model. Still what you've done is pretty damn good...
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    Burrows Gets a Facelift (December 2, 2008)

    Looks good but first thing that caught my eye and see others mentioned as well, the eye's just don't seem quite right. The bags under his eyes look much heavier in the original, as if he was someone who for years spent long days and nights flying on the seat of his chair. Also since the...
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    Making the Games: Twilight Purchase Artwork (November 23, 2008)

    can't say I see the phallic resemblance. *raises hand* I nominate Howard Day to make it for Pioneer... /jk
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    FB-202 "Ghoul" Long Range Fighter/Bomber

    so being the smart aleck engineer... As for slow rotation, with engines mounted on the extreme wings providing the best torque moment arm and a "central" center of mass... It would actually make this ship idea for turning. Think Babylon 5 fighter turns. It's the slipstream designs which...
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    Paul Barnett talks about WC CIC (LOAF) at Comic Con

    messed up my pologies... ment to say archaeology not anthropology... Anyways I found two places with the video recordings of it if you care to watch This has the full video but is lesser quality. This is much better...
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    Paul Barnett talks about WC CIC (LOAF) at Comic Con

    Went to comic con last week and sat through one interesting panel led by Paul Barnett for Warhammer Online. Low and behold he talked about some of his previous experiences including a run in with a certain group of wing commander fanatics who came to his office to archive a bunch of old origin...
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    Technosaurs: Locked and Loaded (July 20, 2008)

    note upper right hand corner of picture. I guess those would count as the human tools. :)
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    A Playtester's Guide (July 2, 2008)

    Interesting read however I personally disagree with this one particular comment. It was only one mission (and an optional one). That was infact one of my favorite missions in the entire game. It was unique and went beyond the scope of any other simple fly and shoot. I still remember the...
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    I might be a little late in posting but how can I pass up when I see cyberion posting about modding at the start of this thread. I too was one of the modders for the excelcia freelancer mod back in the day; that was right at the start of freelancer modding when people were still figuring out...
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    Arena's Fighting Ships (April 14, 2007)

    Funny, I always thought it was the people who had nothing better to do then correct other's spelling that are those whom try to appear smarter than they are ;) It’s not as if people in forums use words such as l337, omg, lmfao, and so on, I don’t feel the need to run a spell check on the...
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    Arena's Fighting Ships (April 14, 2007)

    The one thing I've yet to see in this thread is a general disposition toward the somewhat stylized new design of all the traditional ships. Personally I'm not too found of the designs they came up with for them, they seem lackluster and honestly I think some of the hobiest modellers on these...
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    PiArmada needs a new developer

    that's certainly a pity, I don't check these forums all to often but I recall playing one of the beta's of pi-armada and it was a fun game
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    Happy Birthday LOAF! (April 19, 2007)

    happy birthday... what you doing stalking around the womens restroom? ;)
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    Vote For Vibes (October 28, 2006)

    what happened to space above and beyond anyways? I remember watching it back in the day but I can't recall if there was ever really an ending to it... Does anyone play reruns of it anyomre? btw, my votes towards saab being the closest to wing commander.
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    free easy way to convert files Lithunwrap I even just tried it right now to make sure before i posted it would work: exported a file from c4d as a .3ds, opened the .3ds in lithunwrap, saved it as an .obj and lith created the .mtl with the .obj in my saved destination. again lithunwrap...
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    PiArmada .09 released!

    first off, very nice job for making an armada remake a couple bugs I had, for some reason when it starts the inflight fighting the games loading screen switches to the privateer remake screen as it's waiting to start the fight... just thought that was kinda weird... I still had the issue...
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    Still Alive

    what's up cyb? whoa when did you get in a car accident? I don't recall that on your forum. heheh and I gotta start checking the wc forums more often myself. Just went through and looked at all the Pioneer stuff for the first time, this stuff looks really well done. Axious for the final...
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    Aerodynamic sleekness

    don't forget moment of inertia. When an object has more mass on the outer edges then balanced on the interior it is harder to rotate that object inregards to that reference frame. Or think of a straight solid beam with a solid rectangular cross section, then a beam with same length, same mass...
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    danrik model I made

    for reckoning yes, for evolutions no my little earthlink provided 10 mb alotment of space website though for general knowedge in php forums one can always look in someones profile to see if they have their website listed... just click on the name