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    Starmap on bases?

    But what prevents a stationary base computer to have a starmap in it? :P
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    Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

    I believe that the reason is that the engine doesn't recalculate the universe when you respawn, so you get new enemies plus all those left from your previous life.
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    Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

    Custom plot: when asked to deliver prisoners to New Con, I decided to take the revolutionary path. AWACS were still hostile to me, though. Even after I escaped to Auriga without fight and took the mission from Demetria, they would shoot at me, including the Drayman I was supposed to protect...
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    Exactly what CAN you buy?

    Gladius, Stiletto, Broadsword - all in Perry after you're far enough in the second questline. Heard about Dralthi, but haven't actually checked the rumor. Yet.
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    wishlist for 2.0 or latter

    Well, if it *was* true inertial flight, you wouldn't stop moving when you turn the engine off. On the contrary, you'd have to turn it on to *brake*. I've never seen a game that would simulate real space mechanics, though.
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    How does the repair droid work?

    Ditto for me. It never repaired my ECM system, or radar, or shields.
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    Asteroid Blues

    You've answered it - they're rings because they spin at *orbits*, and in orderly fashion. The stuff simply swarming around like it does in roid fields would be sucked down into the gravity well in a moment. A rock, even a large one, doesn't produce such effect.
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    *spoiler alert* do I have to play Tayla's game ?

    It would be nice if there was a multi-path way to solve main quest... but that would be a rather different game than original Privateer was. The only advice to soften the impact of Tayla's missions on your reputation is to not to fight militia/confed forces but run at full speed and take a...
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    Asteroid Blues

    Well, having an asteroid field around the planet *is* physically impossible. Right now I only can remember Mjolnir@Ragnarok placed inside asteroids. In original Privateer with its primitive sprites it could pass, but in Remake it looks really out of place. (A ring like Saturn's is different, but...
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    Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

    Kaydence mission: after getting the task of escorting the senator, I've met the "robot", who was supposed to say something (probably promise reward for surrendering my ward) but he didn't. Kaydence mission again: when protecting Paradigm from AWACS, it suddenly turned hostile, even though it...
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    Are cloaking devices available in Privateer?

    I haven't seen it in the shop, but it can be found. SPOILER: Visit "border" systems at the north-east edge of the map. Beyond Blockade Point Something - right now I don't remember which one - occasionally you'll find jumppoints to uncharted Kilrathi systems. One of them contains an asteroid...
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    You can buy Talons/Demons?

    Now that was funny. This one doesn't even have an entry in cockpits folder.
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    You can buy Talons/Demons?

    Try at New Detroit, New Con, or Perry (they also have best equipment too). Maybe you also need to fly some more to gain respect (just a wild guess). They eventually will appear.
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    You can buy Talons/Demons?

    Demons - yes, they're available from ship dealers. As for others... try and see. There's a "load" button after all :)
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    Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

    Bartenders speak about game events and persons (Riordian, Kroiz, Palan's blockade, etc.) long after these events are gone. I've seen a Paradigm once bombarding a pirate asteroid base with its full strength. I'd dock, undock, fly away and get back, and it still was there. Last time when I saw...
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    When a mission says to Eject cargo...

    Didn't work for me. The Cargo Manifest doesn't respond to keys. Instead I get the list of previously gotten messages scrolled (even if I just restarted the game).
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    And it loads, and loads, and loads...

    You may check settings for your firewall. It happened to me so that when vegastrike.exe is allowed to access the network (actually, your own machine, but the firewall does not make difference), it loads fine; when all traffic is 100% suppressed, it loads - without music; but if your firewall...
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    New user, have a few questions.

    Few more questions from another new but already avid fan of Remake :) 1. At some moment (supposedly after taking serious damage, but can't be sure - I take it often lately) my maximal speed dropped from 500 (Centurion, reactor #3) to 370. The reactor does not seem damaged and repairable at...