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    Another WC universe question

    Hey, it's me again. Do you guys remember the in-game animation of Firekkan Sivar Eshrad? There's an image of kilrathi priestess, who definitely has eight tits. So the question is - how many kittens can kilrathi female have at once ?
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    Some more historical questions

    Ummm.... Wasn't it a parody fan "novel"? The URL is Let me look for the quote... But I do not recall any mentioning of "old fighters" in the official book.
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    Corvette blues

    Ummm.... By the way, remind me. Were Kamekhs torpeddable targets in WC-II ?
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    Best series of Confed fighters

    If we're talking of fighters that 'have character' - we're talking of Vega campaign. Low detail graphics, low resolution, yes... The later games had no such disadvantage, but all the WC1 ships sure did have their characters. They DID look alive (opposed to high detail flying toys of WC2 and...
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    I know I'm a cheater....

    Thanks a lot, the "pseudo-turret" advice did do the trick :-) Not a single torpedoe could pass my Scim :-) Unfortunately, it was that very mission with "jammer", and I couldn't kill the jammer in time. Should have saved the DF's for it, I guess :-) Will have to re-fly it. Again, thanks a lot...
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    I know I'm a cheater....

    But it's near impossible to save Dauntless with such dumb wingmen who never never never even think of even noticing the fact that Mantas have launched a swarm of ship-killer torpedoes... And now Dauntless has last one hit point remaining, and mjav alone can't stop all the torpedoes. So...
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    The Hardest thing you had to do in Wing Commander??

    I can't choose. I just can't choose. Destruction of the 'Claw, death of Mariko, then stupid death of that mandarine girl, then Angel killed by Thrakhath, then goin' after Hobbes (can't kill a friend, and can't let him go), and so on, and so forth... The most fresh, and most stupid, is Blair's...
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    The WC Icon

    I say - Dralthi
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    Gilgamesh Class Destroyer

    Can't someone parse a WC-II resourse file which contains data of Gilgamesh? Surely there will be full specification ?
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    Admiral Tolwyn's Court Martial

    Well... what can Mjav say? He did read a "Fleet Action" just recently, and having only WC, WC2, WC3 and WC4, mjav could only despise Admiral Tolwyn. Having watched the WCA cartoon, he despised Tolwyn, too... But after the "Fleet Action" Mjav is not so much sure. Do we not see that Tolwyn risked...
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    And one more question to experts...

    Hello to everyone, it's me again. As usual, Mjav's interrogated by players of that same very undying roleplaying game :-) of BW and Cats fighting the Confeds. As usual, Mjav will redirect question to experts. So, please, if anyone can tell anything about interior of a Ralari destroyer...
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    WC-IV novellization

    Mmmm... Arrow is an *interceptor* isn't she? Her effective range is quite limited, and it's described in manual somewhere, I am sure. And the 'cat is a multi-purpose craft, serving as recon fighter in more than one mission, as we see in WC-IV. So... Which ship's effective range is better for...
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    WC-IV novellization

    It's a pity those editors were not WC-fans and didn't know that Arrow was an interceptor, not suited for escort duty at all....
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    Kilrathi language

    Emmm... Who are those "semi-sentient kzinti females"? Never had heard of them...
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    SM1 and SM2 in WCKS

    It will be loved in 2020, in 2040... in 2100... I believe it.
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    WC-IV novellization

    So that's it. The book is changed greatly compared to booklet. Thanks a lot for your help, guys
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    WC-IV novellization

    I'll be waiting for your info :-)
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    WC-IV novellization

    That's not the question me was asking, guys. The "Intrepid" chapters were never in those booklets shipped with the game, so I am intrested in comparing the firts chapters only. The final book AND the booklet. So here's the compasiton list: 1.) The booklet: Hellcats fly escort The "translated"...
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    WC-IV novellization

    So, you guys mean that by the time game was released, the book wasn't ready, and those first chapters were re-written later?
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    WC-IV novellization

    Hello everyone, me here again :-) Hope everyone missed my stupid questions. Se, here's the one: With CD version of "Price of Freedom" they distributed a book with the first chapters of WC-IV book. Starting with Hellcat patrol killed by Seether, and ending with Maniac telling Blair that he...