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    Starflight 1 & 2 on

    I wouldn't need to download it I still have it in the boxes with all my other old games I would need to boot up one of my older PCs to make use of a floppy drive but that would be a simple task
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    Starflight 1 & 2 on

    I got my first taste of SF1 on the C64 I managed to find SF2 for the pc in a bargain bin years after it had come out. I never did finish it unfortunately SF3 looks like it has stalled, I haven't seen updates in a long time IIRC the Enterprise makes an appearance and...
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    Midway Mystery Finally Solved (November 10, 2009)

    I still say it looks like a person especially the wire diagram on the MFD when you target it
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    Why am I yelling at Cougar for getting drunk?

    isn't that basically how WC games end up being anyway ;)
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    I thought for sure I posted this last night anyway, I finally started playing it. no bugs so far not sure why the official forums have so much complaining
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    Historic Firearms

    Fiocchi makes new production Nagant ammo other companies might too
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    Historic Firearms

    M44 kicks like a mule too
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    virus programs

    avast I used AVG until an update that suddenly caused it to have cpu usage spikes and memory usage issues. forums at the time indicated a lot of people were having the same issue so I knew it wasn't my pc so I ditched it
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    Historic Firearms

    came across it at a gun show a few years ago knew nothing about them but I bought it anyway
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    Historic Firearms

    my WW2 era stuff 1903A3 M1 Mosin M44 Yugoslavian mauser, similar to the K98 but a bit different. don't remember the model number M1 carbine Enfield, don't remember the version
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    are the bugs as bad as the forums on the official site make it seem?
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    Transformers 2 SPOILERS

    I have no problem with the autobots always coming out ahead, that stays in line with the cartoons but it seems like in the movies the take it so far as to not have any real differences in any of the decepticons they're all just jumbled in there and most look the same in robot form
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    Terminator Salvation - Spoilers eventually...

    it was more of a question, asking if he had a prosthetic limb as they were trying to figure out why a magnetic mine was attracted to him and they likely saw the metal endoskeleton and been wondering why he had metal in his leg
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    Thoughts on new Star Trek movie (*spoilers!*)

    new voyages has a nice take on a TOS miranda class
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    Thoughts on new Star Trek movie (*spoilers!*)

    I'm still wondering how they got 800 people on the handful of shuttles the kelvin launched?
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    Happy Birthday, Wing Commander (March 12, 2009)

    wow. 10 years already. doesn't seem it but I guess that's right as I was still living at home and going to community college.
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    Does anybody take the movie seriously?

    I've always seen the movie as a retelling/re-imagining of the WC universe like the new battlestar galactica but the last time I mentioned anything on the subject I was blasted I do like the movie though when watching it as a retelling
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    Chronicles of a help desk moron...

    sadly from experience I believe that all of these actually happened. We get flooded with password resets on monday mornings. for some reason 2 days off makes these people forget the pw they've been using for weeks
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    For Want of Heart of the Tiger (February 23, 2009)

    I was going to post about this after reading it the other day but forgot
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    A Very S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Mention (February 19, 2009)

    I still want a turn based isometric view with huge story/plot/number of quests like FO1 or 2, but with the full party control of Tactics that said, I did like FO3, enough so that I'm replaying it since I ended up finishing it without touching probably 2/3s of the non-main plot locations and...