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    Mac - Gemini Gold & Privateer Faults

    I've been adjusting the balance for my computer, John has been doing the same for his. Funny how the balance works out to be so different sometimes. agreed ;) A real solution to asteroids (with some dynamic generation) is a bit farther off, but speed is easily tweaked. Press the 'up' button...
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    Dralthi's are impossible to hit

    The roll rate is the same as it was in the original, but the addition of rotational inertia means it takes some time to get up to that rate. That will obviously be looked at. Enemies' shields do recharge faster than they did in the original. This is because they use the same shields as...
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    Dralthi's are impossible to hit

    I rather like having the Kilrathi be a bit harder to tangle with than pirates. Nonetheless, they are a bit too hard. Now that the artwork and campaigns are pretty well solid (close anyway) I'm looking forward to rebalancing things a little. Toning down the maneuverability for stuff like...
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    Taking in-game screenshots?

    By default, 'i' is bound to screenshot. They will be in /.privateer110/textures/ Or /.privgold/textures or something like that depending on which version you are using.
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    q: priv gold gemini

    Doesn't matter who destroys the talon: once it happens, the mission is over. If the mission is not over, it hasn't been destroyed. Bounty targets will sometimes flee and go through the jump point. Your target is probably in the War system or somewhere beyond. The message from the merchant...
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    Privateer 1.2 remake - patch 1.2 problem!

    Any ship you may have will remain through the breakage, it is only the campaign that is affected. Which is a rather major part of the game :( 1.1 unfortunately broke compatibility with 1.0 savegames. 1.2 restores compatibility to 1.0, and loses some with 1.1 in the process. It's painful, but...
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    Beta - Privateer Gemini Gold

    The cloak is long gone, from any version.
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    Vega Sticky?

    It's kinda bad form to "advertise" on a forum for another forum. Nothing wrong with having two anyway: The Reckoning does just fine with that, having one forum where it's discussed in a freelancer setting and one here in a Wing Commander setting.
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    Look in your savegame file for privateer_campaign someNumber. Lower someNumber to rewind a bit.
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    Help With Navigation

    Very strange. Should be easy enough to figure out if it works buying them individually but not when the whole thing is bought, thanks
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    You know you've been playing to much privateer when...

    I can understand that.. I've had the same Thrustmaster stick since before the original Privateer was released. They might have made it too well, I've never needed to buy another product from them :D Been playing Priv too much when the sun comes up, again.
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    Enjoy Our Biggest Year Yet (June 13, 2005)

    The steady growth this long after an official game is astounding. The slashdotting following privr's release helped make that the busiest month ever, but that will only hold true until the continued growth of CIC results in a yet busier month sometime in the future. It was a big spike, but it...
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    Astroids count on kill total?

    That seems to have slipped through :-/ Destroying an asteroid does not add to your kill count, but destroying one of the small asteroids that is then spawned does add to the count.. doh. Little strange to be sure, but won't break your game: it dosn't affect faction standings. Will certainly...
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    Help With Navigation

    The nap adds systes as you visit them. If you haven't been near Palan before, it won't show up. Alternatively, you can buy maps from the software booth at the upgrade screen.
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    New HUD Target Images

    (continued in a new post, so attached pictures in previous post appear underneath the text that talks about them) Let's use some math here. My 19" monitor is 14.25" wide and 10.75" tall. At 1024x768, each pixel is .0139" (14.25/1024) wide and .014" (10.75/768) tall. Now let's play...
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    New HUD Target Images

    Sorry for the ensuing verbosity.. this is a bit of a last ditch attempt at conveying a truth: hopefully something in there will cause a little light to go on. If not, it is obviously fruitless to continue discussing it with you, but just because you don't understand doesn't mean I am wrong...
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    New HUD Target Images

    Because it didn't look like that in the original! Let's see how I can spell this out for you. Planets are round, no way they shouldn't look that way in the remake, especially since they did in the original. They look flat in screenshots of the original, but try expanding those screenshots...
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    How to switch of Asteroids?

    I'm afraid those asteroid fields are CPU bound. I tried one out with 6 poly rocks and it madelittle difference. It's keeping track of the position and state of all those units that is the biggest drain, and has little to do with how they are displayed. Still, 6 poly rocks did make some...
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    New HUD Target Images

    I don't remember oxford being different hehe. If it is, and you have the time, might as well make a variation of the ag world hud. No, don't draw it squished. it looks that way as a result of the original game's 320x200 resolution, which has a different aspect ratio than most things we play...
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    Hunter craft, demon, too powerfull?

    1.1 narfs the demons somewhat ;)