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    WC1 graphics improvement

    Thanks, that was it. Says announced January 2003 and nothing since so dosnt look too promising.
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    WC1 graphics improvement

    Came across a page with a number of fan projects including an unfinished (at time of last page update) graphics mod or patch that also increased resolution as well as improving the ship sprites, it also claimed they would begin work on one for WC2 once the WC1 patch was complete. I have been...
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    Wing Commander Games and Windows XP - A Summary

    For anyone else having trouble getting their joystick to work with WC1 KS (I saw at least one in this thread) click on game controlers in the control panel and then on advanced, change the prefared control method for old programes to your joystick.
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    Wing Commander Games and Windows XP - A Summary

    Well why was it the sole contents of the file at the end of the WC1 joystick patch link on CIC then? Is there a real joystick patch out there? Is anyone out there playing WC1 KS with a joystick, USB or otherwise? Dont recall any problems with a non usb joystick under win95 all those...
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    Wing Commander Games and Windows XP - A Summary

    WC1 KS USB Joystick Ive installed WC1 KS on my system with XP, the game runs no problem but it wont recognise my USB joystick. Tried downloading the WC1 joystick patch from the CIC site but that just seems to be an uncracked version of the original WC1.
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    Would a Wing Commander 1 update appeal?

    A large part of the earlier games charm where the graphics, it would be great to see an update with higher resolution and cleaner graphics to get rid of the terrible bitmapping up close etc. that would run on modern PC but wouldnt want to see it with WC3,4 or Prophecy style graphics, it would...
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    Your first Wing Commander game?

    Remember seeing a rolling demo of some game called Wing Commander in a gamestore in France. Stood there watching it and listening to the orchestral music on one of those fancy new soundcard thingys. Was completely blown away and just kept thinking this game is going to be huge. Later on read a...
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    Privateer 2 - part of the WC universe??

    The Darkening has nothing whatsoever to do with the Wing Commander universe, as someone already mentioned it was a completely seperate game already in development when they decided to tag on Wing commander to the title. It should be totally ignored when it comes to the Wing Commander universe...
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    Prophecy Gold

    Can anyone out there with a copy of Prophecy Gold tell me if the fiction (episode files) are included on the CD or if it is just the actual missions themselves before I go trawling the shops (have seen it as part of an EA compilation from time to time) and ebay. Downloaded them all as they were...
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    The ULTIMATE Wing Commander Auction!

    Got it for £1.50 in bargin bin a few years ago. It has all the mission details and mission branching, hardware etc. usuall stuf. Interesting enough if you can get it very cheap. If you want to see what a game guide should be like check out the one for the original Master of Orion game. That was...
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    Russian WC history

    That article on the histoty of WC looks great, dont suppose there are any Russian speakers out there who would like to translate it.